Inside the world of human smuggling

A look at the smuggling chain, from middlemen and passport counterfeiters to smugglers, and the refugees who use them.

Human Rights

Eritrean refugees in Israel sent to Uganda and Rwanda

Do refugees have a choice in Israel's continued policy of transferring African arrivals to third countries?

Human Rights

Interactive: The refugee crisis beyond Europe

Before Europe declared a "refugee crisis" in 2015, millions around the world had faced years of displacement.


Calais: Moving from the 'Jungle' to Stalingrad

Each day over the past week saw between 70 and 80 asylum seekers arriving in Paris as the Calais "Jungle" was cleared.


Australia weighs law banning refugees from returning

The law would permanently ban legal visits to the country for asylum seekers arriving by boat.

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Flames, fear and football as Calais 'Jungle' cleared

French government finally moves to clear camp and declares operation a success, despite many refugees returning.

Humanitarian crises

Twenty-nine dead bodies found on crowded refugee boat

French aid group rescues 107 people off Libya's coast as death toll on Mediterranean this year reaches 3,800.


UN: 2016 Mediterranean refugee deaths hit record 3,800

Likelihood of drowning en route to Europe spirals to one in 88, says UN, with most deaths reported off Libyan shore.

Humanitarian crises

Syrians in Calais Jungle hold out for UK asylum

Refugees set Calais camp on fire in protest against its dismantling and their eviction by the French government.

Human Rights

France begins dismantling Calais Jungle refugee camp

Hundreds are evacuated as French workers protected by police start dismantling the huge camp on second day of operation.

Inside Story

What comes after the Calais Jungle?

The French government is dismantling the Calais camp, dashing the hopes of thousands who dreamed of reaching the UK.


France begins dismantling Calais Jungle camp

Refugees and migrants gather at official meeting points for evacuation operation expected to take three days.


Calais 'Jungle' camp evacuation: Where will they go?

Between 6,000 and 8,000 refugees and migrants living in the Calais "jungle" camp to be moved to shelters across France.


Europe vs Africa: The refugee double standard

Mehdi Hasan on who is actually bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis.

Human Rights

In Europe, Afghan refugees anticipate deportation

Al Jazeera speaks to Afghan asylum seekers fearing imminent deportation under a new deal between the EU and Afghanistan.