Growing up too fast in Afghanistan

ISIL killed 14-year-old Khudai's father. Now the survival of his five younger sisters and mother depends on him.


The Paramedics of Jerusalem

Palestinian ambulances can be stopped at any checkpoint, adding to journey times. These delays can be life threatening.


Brussels' Refugee BnB

Why Belgians across the country are housing refugees and migrants in their homes.

Mental health

'Real Autism' in Poland

Bartek 'doesn't have a problem' and isn't 'sick'. He has Asperger's and is on a mission to challenge stereotypes.


India's Ambulance Dada

India’s Karimul Haque, also known as Ambulance Dada, has saved 4,000 lives with his motorcycle.


How to be a Palestinian supermom

To Manal Tamimi, being a Palestinian parent brings a lot of unique responsibilities.


Transforming Pakistan's buses into art

Mohammed Rafiq has been painting Pakistan's colourful buses for 40 years, but there's a dark side to the industry.


US: Inside the mind of a white supremacist

William Johnson, chairman of far-right American Freedom Party prefers to be called 'white nationalist', not supremacist.


A day in the life of a child refugee in Belgrade

Eleven-year-old Abuzar from Baghlan province in Afghanistan travelled on his own to Serbia. This is his story.

A day in the life of a child refugee in Belgrade


Meet Indonesia's trash vigilante

Mr Sariban is 74 years old, retired, and totally obsessed.


Finding solutions to Kibera's 'flying toilets'

Streets in Nairobi slum are littered with human waste, prompting locals to develop innovative solutions to the problem.


Chicago's Chinese Gun

'Unless you can take away all the guns from criminals, I will not give up my guns.'


Morocco's mute stowaway

Said can neither hear nor speak. His silent journey to Europe has brought him to Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Africa.