Vision for the blind: Disabled life enhancements

How the latest technological innovations are helping the blind and vision-impaired explore the world.

Counting the Cost

Online streaming wars: Behind the Disney-Fox deal

With the purchase of 21st Century Fox, Hollywood heavyweight Walt Disney takes on technology titans in streaming wars.

US & Canada

North Korea says missile programme is self-defence

North Korea's ambassador to the UN claimed the nation had the right to defend itself against US aggression

US & Canada

Trump addresses FBI National Academy

The US president has been critical of the FBI and the agency's role in special prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 presidential election.


Debate: Is freedom of speech absolute?

Should so-called 'hate speech' be restricted, or would doing so threaten democracy?

Human Rights

US jury weighs fate of journalist, anti-Trump activists

Trial winds down for six facing charges related to their alleged participation in protests against Trump's inauguration.

US: Jury deliberation begins for first J20 defendants


Is Moore's defeat in Alabama a cause for celebration?

Roy Moore, who wants the US to return to the days of slavery, won nearly half of the votes in the Alabama Senate race.

Larry Beinhart

by Larry Beinhart

Larry Beinhart

United States

Trump criticises Roy Moore after Alabama loss

After congratulating the Democratic candidate for winning the Alabama election, Trump wrote some tweets critical of the Republican candidate and his loss.

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Does the US suffer from extreme poverty?

The United Nations expert on extreme poverty says he was shocked by what he saw during a two-week tour of the US.

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US repeals net neutrality rules

Net neutrality rules protecting open internet access have been repealed by the US government.

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US accuses Iran of violating UN resolutions

The United States has presented what it calls 'undeniable evidence' that Iran is violating UN resolutions and supplying weapons to Houthi fighters in Yemen.

US & Canada

Disney buys 21st Century Fox in a massive deal

The Walt Disney Company has agreed to acquire most of the assets of 21st Century Fox.


Trump, tribalism and the end of American capitalism

Trump managed to delude the white poor that their interest lies with the wealthy elite. This is killing US capitalism.

William G Moseley

by William G Moseley

William G Moseley


What is net neutrality and why it matters

The FCC votes to end the 2015 Open Internet Order. Here's a guide to net neutrality and why it matters.

What is net neutrality and why it matters


Regulators vote to repeal US net neutrality rules

Federal Communications Agency decision ends era of open internet, which required unbiased data protections in the US.

FCC votes to repeal US net neutrality rules