Trump bans US purchases of Venezuela's cryptocurrency

US calls the digital currency an attempt by the Venezuelan government to 'circumvent US sanctions'.

Trump bans US purchases of Venezuela's cryptocurrency Petro


Sao Paulo: The beating heart of Brazil's beloved sport

Sao Paulo, Brazil's biggest city, is the beating heart of the nation's most popular sport, football.

Sao Paulo: Street football in Brazil's biggest city

Latin America

Mexico quake survivors still live in tents six months on

Thousands with damaged homes are living with relatives or paying rent they can ill afford elsewhere while they wait for the more than $350m reconstruction budget to kick in.


The only thing keeping Maduro in power is the opposition

If Venezuela's opposition really wants to remove Nicolas Maduro, it must unite behind renegade candidate Henri Falcon.

Asa Cusack

by Asa Cusack

Asa Cusack


Peru's president questioned over alleged corruption

Pedro Kuczynski testified for eight hours over corruption charges related to the 'Car Wash' investigation, one day after Congress voted to begin impeachment proceedings for the second time in three months.

Latin America

Missing Argentinian submarine: Families demand answers

Family members of the crew who disappeared with the Ara San Juan submarine feel abandoned in their quest to find out what happened to their loved ones.

Human Rights

UN accuses Mexico's police of torture

The new UN report says there are strong indications that officials mainly from the attorney general's office tortured 34 of those it arrested.


Protests in Brazil after councilwoman Franco was shot dead

Marielle Franco, a councilwoman from Rio de Janeiro, well-known police critic and defender of gay and black rights was shot dead Wednesday night.


Peru's congress approves impeachment debate

Accused with making deals with a Brazilian construction company while serving as finance minister a decade ago, Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is facing impeachment for a second time.


Bolivia: Seven prisoners killed in police raid on notorious jail

Two dozen wounded after inmates clash with more than 2,000 officers who entered Palmasola prison.

Bolivia: Seven prisoners killed in police raid on notorious jail


Why did FARC fail its first electoral test in Colombia?

While the now-political party wasn’t expected to make gains, analysts blame a failure to reinvent itself for its showing

Colombia: Why did the FARC 'fail' its first electoral test?

Women's Rights

El Salvador releases woman jailed over abortion

Supreme Court releases woman who served 15 years of 30-year prison sentence for abortion she said was miscarriage.

El Salvador woman freed after 15 years in jail for abortion


Mexico indigenous do not benefit from inspiring fashion

Major brands and designers have been selling clothing inspired by traditional Mexican designs. But the communities where those designs originate say they often do not see the benefits.


The world's 7 longest-serving rulers

As of today, the world's longest serving president is Teodoro Obiang.

The world's 7 longest-serving rulers

Latin America

Chile: Conservative Pinera sworn in for second term as president

The billionaire has vowed to revive an economy that has slumped under outgoing center-left leader Michelle Bachelet.