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Malaysia's ex-PM Najib interrogated by anti-graft body

Former Malaysian leader specifically questioned about how $10.5 in government funds ended up in his private account.

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Indonesia: twenty years of reform haven't improved people's lives

A survey released on Sunday shows that two decades on, many Indonesians choose the former strongman as the country's best ever president, pointing to the stability and security he brought.


Soeharto: Father of Development or brutal leader?

The shadow of former leader General Muhammad Soeharto still looms over Indonesia, 20 years after he left office.

Indonesia: 20 years on from downfall of General Muhammad Soeharto

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Australia: Government refuses to ban live shipments during summer

Animal welfare groups are angry at the government’s refusal after thousands of sheep died while being transported between Australia and the Middle East.


Malaysia sets up new task force over 1MDB scandal

Agency responsible for seizing assets acquired using funds allegedly siphoned from the fund created by former PM Najib.


Thai politicians charged with sedition against army

Three Pheu Thai members charged with sedition, five others for violating political ban after criticising the military.

Thai senior politicians charged with sedition against military

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Thai coup anniversary: Protests expected against military

Growing frustration with military rule is expected to lead to street protests, in spite of strict laws imposed by the government.

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Soeharto family comeback to politics

A familiar name is attempting a political comeback in Indonesia.

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South Korea, plastic surgery and the meaning of beauty

Experts say demand for high-risk surgeries wanes as more opt for simpler procedures to pursue 'individualised beauty'.

The rise of non-invasive plastic surgeries in South Korea

In the Field

Tommy Soeharto: Indonesians 'long' for a return to Soeharto rule

The son of Indonesia's former strongman Muhammad Suharto discusses his father's legacy and his own political ambitions.


No way, you won't stay: Explore the Manus Island story via chat

Investigate Australia's offshore processing of asylum seekers by chatting to those at the heart of the story.

No way, you won't stay: Explore the Manus Island story via chat

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Malaysia: Bags of cash, jewellery seized from Najib's properties

Handbags stuffed with cash, a number of jewellery items and hundreds of expensive purses were among items seized from apartment units and homes owned by former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak's family, during the second night of police raids in

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Healthcare 'reduced' for refugees held in Papua New Guinea

Amnesty International outlines in a report the reduction in medical services available to refugees since being moved from Manus Island detention centre to three smaller facilities on the island in November.

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US, China launch trade talks to avert tariff war

China has offered to cut its trade surplus with United States by $200bn, according to media reports, amid fresh round of talks in Washington aimed at averting a trade war.

101 East

Anwar Ibrahim: Malaysia's New Dawn

Will Anwar Ibrahim finally rise to lead his country? 101 East talks to Malaysia's leader-in-waiting.