Syria's War

May defends Syria strikes in the face of criticism

Rejecting accusations of US pressure, UK PM says involvement in Saturday's coordinated attack was in national interest.

Theresa May defends Syria strikes in parliament

Theresa May

Theresa May thinks Egypt is on the path of democracy

British PM sends message to Egyptian president on his victory in 'election' widely seen as a sham vote.

Theresa May thinks Egypt is on the path of democracy


Brexit: 'I didn't know this would happen'

Britain will leave the EU on March 29, 2019, at 23:00 GMT, but not everyone is optimistic about it.

United Kingdom

Putin 'highly likely' ordered nerve agent attack: UK

Moscow calls claims 'shocking and inexcusable' as crisis over attempted murder of ex-double agent in Salisbury deepens.

Putin 'highly likely' behind nerve-agent attack: Boris Johnson


May faces down Putin, but he has the upper hand

Over many years a tacit pro-Kremlin consensus has developed in Westminster – across the political spectrum.

Alastair Sloan

by Alastair Sloan

Alastair Sloan

United Kingdom

'A nation dying': Fears over Yemen stoked by MBS trip

Concerns over Britain and Saudi Arabia's roles in Yemen bloodshed swell following crown prince's visit to London.

Yemen: Politicians, experts, activists raise alarm after MBS trip


Theresa May sets out vision on trade with EU post-Brexit

The British prime minister said that some policies would look similar to EU rules, while others would shift away, but she has rejected EU proposals on several key sticking points.

European Union

UK rejects EU plan to keep Northern Ireland in customs union

PM Theresa May said measures set out in a draft proposal by the EU threatened the UK's 'constitutional integrity'.

Theresa May

UK PM responds to artist's scathing Grenfell rap

Rapper praised for challenging government's lack of support to victims of deadly fire as Number 10 goes on defensive.

Stormzy to Theresa May: Where's the money for Grenfell?

United Kingdom

Theresa May: 'UK committed to Europe's future security'

Speaking at Munich Security Conference, UK PM calls for continuation of European security cooperation even after Brexit.

Theresa May: 'UK committed to Europe's future security'

Counting the Cost

Why post-Brexit UK is 'less attractive' for China

China wants to wait for a final Brexit deal before making big trade commitments to Britain, says economist Jianwei Xu.

Reporter's Notebook

Stranded in Calais: 'This is not a life...We're human'

Did French President Emmanuel Macron's visit offer a false sense of hope to asylum seekers?


France-UK relations: Leaders meet to discuss security

British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron have vowed to continue cooperating on a range of issues, after the UK leaves the European Union.

United Kingdom

Rights groups demand UK cancel Saudi crown prince visit

Coalition of human rights groups calls on Prime Minister May to withdraw the invitation to Saudi Arabia's crown prince.

Rights groups to UK: Cancel Mohammed bin Salman's visit


May to EU citizens: 'I want you to stay' after Brexit

Back from Brussels Prime Minister Theresa May wrote an open letter to the citizens of other European Union states.

May to EU citizens: 'I want you to stay' after Brexit