Mugabes mocked in comedy play in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans push the boundaries as they take aim at their former strongman.

Inside Story

Is Emmerson Mnangagwa changing Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe's new president completes 100 days in office, but what has he achieved?

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe's President Mnangagwa: The first 100 days

New president's efforts to stimulate economy, attract foreign investment and curb corruption elicit mixed reviews.


Morgan Tsvangirai: From a nickel miner to an icon

How Morgan Tsvangirai rose to become one of the greatest figures in Zimbabwe's recent history.

Alex Magaisa

by Alex Magaisa

Alex Magaisa

Reporter's Notebook

All eyes on Zimbabwe's new leader at WEF in Davos

World Economic Forum provides a chance for Zimbabwe's new leader to re-engage with international investors.

All eyes on Zimbabwe's new leader at WEF in Davos


Former general to play key role in Zimbabwe elections

Major General Engelbert Rugeje has been appointed as national commissar, sparking concerns of a 'militarised campaign'.


UK Zimbabweans extend 15-year rally after Mugabe ouster

Zimbabwe Vigil Coalition accuses ruling ZANU-PF party of only being interested in 'power and control'.

Zimbabwe diaspora extends protest after Mugabe ouster

The Listening Post

Zimbabwe: A look back through Mugabe's media legacy

How did Robert Mugabe shape Zimbabwe's media landscape?

Robert Mugabe

Disappointment as Zimbabwe leader names new cabinet

The cabinet has several officials who were also in Robert Mugabe's cabinet, leading to fears nothing might change.

Disappointment as Mnangagwa names new cabinet

Robert Mugabe

'We can't allow the Mugabes to get away with it'

Former President Robert Mugabe and his wife to receive $10m, immunity and protection of their vast business interests.

Zimbabweans react to the Mugabes' 'golden handshake'


Arrested Mugabe-era officials denied bail in Zimbabwe

Court denies bail to Robert Mugabe-era officials facing corruption and fraud charges, citing safety concerns.

Detained Mugabe-era officials denied bail in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe army accused of targeting Mugabe allies

Allies of former president have also been arrested as part of 'Operation Restore Legacy' that saw Mugabe quit his post.

Zimbabwe: Army operation that led to Mugabe ouster ends

The Listening Post

Zimbabwe's media post-Mugabe: A new lease on life?

After decades of state control and support for Mugabe's government, what's in store for Zimbabwe's media now?


Zimbabwe's ex-finance minister faces corruption charges

Ex-finance minister will be detained until Monday when a court will rule on his bail application on corruption trial.

Counting the Cost

Zimbabwe's 'crocodile' economics

Can Zimbabwe's new President Mnangagwa fix the country's broken economy and demonstrate a real commitment to reform?