Migrant Dreams: Canada's Broken Promise

What happens when Indonesian migrant workers trapped in debt-bondage in Canada decide to fight back?

Middle East

Afghan refugees describe treacherous journeys to Turkey

Turkey is experiencing a new influx of migrants, this time from Afghanistan instead of Syria.

Asia Pacific

Thailand: Migrant registration deadline to expire soon

Thailand is attempting to crackdown on human trafficking and slavery by having migrant workers register, but many have found the registration process convoluted and expensive.


Women, children held in 'freezing cells' on US border

Advocates say US policy is 'inhumane' as report highlights treatment of women and children immigrants.

Women and children detained in 'freezing cells' on US border: HRW


Israel jails first asylum seekers refusing deportation

Israel has jailed seven Eritrean asylum seekers after they refused to be deported to Rwanda, human rights groups say.

Israel jails first asylum seekers refusing deportation


Nigeria migrants who escaped Libya restart their lives

Migrants say they are being returned to the same conditions that made them risk their lives crossing the Sahara desert.


Italy: Gunman targets African migrants, injures six

Police arrest man wearing Italian flag around his neck after he is believed have open fired on African migrants.

Gunman targets African migrants in Italy's Macerata


Tunisians leaving for Europe at 'peak of hopelessness'

As frustration over the economy boils over in Tunisia, groups fear more and more youth will take risky treks to Europe.

'I lost two sons': Tunisians' journey by sea to Europe

Middle East

At least 90 migrants drown off Libyan coast

Another 300 on other boats were rescued from the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday. Libya is where most migrants are trafficked from as they try to reach Europe.


Nigeria flying citizens from Libya amid 'endemic' abuse

Some 5,500 Nigerians trapped in Libya while attempting to reach Europe to be evacuated amid reports of slavery and rape.

Inside Story

Who is to blame for African migrants' slavery in Libya?

Video of slaves apparently being auctioned in Libya is causing widespread outrage.


Migration crisis to dominate EU-Africa summit

There is growing concern that EU aid to Africa is being used to block refugees and migrants - instead of for development.


Indonesians recognised after decades in the Philippines

Indonesians on Philippine island of Balut receive birth certificates for the first time, ending decades of legal limbo.

Indonesians recognised after decades in the Philippines


What is DACA and who are the US 'Dreamers'?

Up to 800,000 'Dreamers' face uncertain future after White House reveals new immigration policy agenda.

What is DACA and who are the US 'Dreamers'?


Orban: 'Real battle starts now' after EU refugee ruling

EU top court rejected Hungary's challenge on migrant relocation plan, but Prime Minister Viktor Orban vows to fight on.

Hungary to fight EU migrant quotas despite setback