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Refugee arrivals in 2016 fall as deaths hit record

While the number of people who arrived in Europe in 2016 dropped, the number of drownings reached a record.

2016: Refugee arrivals fall as deaths hit record

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How to deter refugees and migrants from risky journeys

The Italian coastguard rescued more than 10,000 refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea this week.


Desperate refugees in Greece turn to people smugglers

Following the Macedonian border closure, refugees pay smugglers and risk arrest to reach Western Europe.


Eritrean extradited to Italy denies being top smuggler

Lawyer says his client is a victim of mistaken identity and denies allegations he runs a people-smuggling network.

Eritrean extradited to Italy denies being top smuggler


Doubts over identity of 'smuggler' extradited to Italy

Authorities identify suspect as Medhane Yehdego Mered, but witnesses reportedly say it is a case of mistaken identity.


Libya: More than 100 refugees drown after boat capsizes

More than 100 bodies are recovered near Zuwarah in latest disaster involving refugees trying to reach Europe, navy says.

Over 100 refugees drown after boat capsizes off Libya


Using drones in refugee search and rescue efforts

Humanitarian organisations and volunteers advocate for the use of drones technology to locate refugees at sea.

Using drones in refugee search and rescue efforts


Austria adopts strict laws to keep out refugees

Parliament votes in favour of law that can declare a 'state of emergency' if refugee numbers rise.

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UN to probe reports hundreds drowned in Mediterranean

Witnesses say boat carrying 400-500 people sank on Monday.


Refugees tear-gassed at Macedonia-Greece border

Hundreds injured as Macedonian police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at refugees trying to cross over from Greece.


More migrants shipped back to Turkey under EU pact

The 124 people sent from the Greek island of Lesbos to Turkey were from countries other than Syria.


EU to 'scale up' deportation of refugees to Turkey

As EU plans to intensify deportations, refugees still making desperate attempt to cross the Aegean Sea to Greece.

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Deported refugees arrive in Turkey as part of EU deal

Around 200 arrive smoothly as part of deal aimed at stemming crisis but rights fears persist over future asylum seekers.


Syria's children: Lost and missing across Europe

When you view refugee children purely as a problem to solve, something has gone wrong with your thinking.

Rachel Shabi

by Rachel Shabi

Rachel Shabi


Aid groups withdraw from Greece's refugee 'hotspots'

Citing "mass expulsion operation", relief groups pulling out say refugees are vulnerable after Turkey-EU deal.

UNHCR, MSF withdraw from Greece's refugee 'hotspots'