Afghan air attack 'kills children' at religious school

Witnesses describe 'devastating' scene after Afghan military raid hits gathering at a madrasa in the northern province.

Afghan air attack 'kills children' at Kunduz religious school


Afghan 'civilians killed' in attack on religious school

Several casualties as religious school in Taliban stronghold attacked by Afghan forces, officials and witnesses say.

Afghanistan: 'Civilians killed' in attack on Kunduz madrassa


Afghans end hunger strike after Ulema intervention

Lashkar Gah residents started the hunger strike in a desperate call for peace between the government and the Taliban.

Afghanistan: Hunger strike ends after Ulema Council intervenes


'Enough of war': Why Afghans are on hunger strike

Dozens of Afghans set up tents demanding an end to the war after a car bomb killed more than 20 in Lashkar Gah.

'Enough of war': Why Afghans are hunger striking in Lashkar Gah

War & Conflict

Taliban 'laughed' at US claims of Russia arming group

Representatives of Russia and the Taliban scoffed at the US allegations during their conversations, says Russian envoy.

Russia, Taliban 'laughed' at US claims of Moscow arming fighters


US, UAE 'missed' chance to capture Taliban leader

Akhtar Mansoor visited Dubai to fundraise months before his assassination in 2016, Washington Post reports.

US, UAE missed chance to capture Taliban leader: Post


Raid targeting Taliban 'kills innocent Afghan farmers'

Seven civilians killed in raids by Afghan forces in two villages in Nangarhar, prompting deadly protests.

'Poor, innocent' Afghan farmers killed in raid targeting Taliban


Taliban suicide bomber targets foreign contractors in Kabul

At least three civilians killed in attack aimed at compound housing foreign security contractors, officials say.

Taliban suicide bomber targets foreign contractors in Kabul


Afghan troops push back Taliban in Farah province

Brief fall of Anar Dara district was a major setback, as the deteriorating security in the province remains a concern.

Afghan troops push back Taliban fighters in Farah province


Afghan forces battle Taliban fighters in Farah province

Taliban fighters attack Anar Dara District early on Monday taking over the police headquarters as fighting rages on.

Afghan forces battle Taliban fighters in Farah province


Blast in Afghan capital's Shia area kills seven

Officials say seven others wounded after suicide bomber blew himself up near a gathering of Afghanistan's Shia minority.

Afghanistan: Blast in Kabul's Shia area kills at least seven


Son of Pakistani Taliban chief killed in drone strike

Son of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Mullah Fazlullah killed along with 19 others in drone strike in Afghanistan.

Pakistan Taliban chief's son among 20 killed in 'US drone strike'


US welcomes Afghan offer to open Taliban talks

Washington welcomes President Ghani's proposal to open peace talks with the Taliban 'without preconditions'.

US lauds Afghan offer to open talks with Taliban


Propaganda war between Taliban and Afghan government

Away from the bombs and the bullets, there is another war being fought in Afghanistan, one of propaganda and the winning of hearts and minds.


Afghan capital hit by suicide attack

At least 22 people have been wounded in a suicide bombing in the Afghan capital Kabul close to foreign embassies.

Afghanistan: Suicide car bomber hits Kabul