Argentina begins talks with IMF to speed up $50bn loan

Meeting comes a day after President Mauricio Macri announced new measures to boost the country's embattled economy.


IMF vows 'full support' for Argentina amid economic crisis

A day after anti-austerity protests, IMF says it will work with Argentina on 'revised plan' to help its ailing economy.

IMF vows 'full support' for Argentina amid economic crisis

Latin America

Argentina's peso hits record low against US dollar

Buenos Aires has asked International Monetary Fund for an advance on a $50bn bailout loan, but many doubt the country can meet its financial obligations.

Business & Economy

IMF urges Saudi Arabia to contain spending despite oil price rise

The organisation says a rise in spending would expose the Saudi budget if there was an unexpected drop in oil prices.

IMF urges Saudi Arabia to contain spending despite oil price rise

Counting the Cost

Pakistan, the IMF and China: Imran Khan's economic challenges

Why Pakistan's new leader, Imran Khan, is facing some tough financial and economic questions.


Trade war danger: IMF warns of global recession

The International Monetary Fund says the tariffs tit-for-tat that began last week could end up damaging the entire global economy, including the United States.

Counting the Cost

Ethiopia: The new China?

Economist Charles Robertson discusses the economic challenges facing Ethiopia.

Latin America

Argentina paralysed by general strike

Workers' unions protest against government's $50bn deal with International Monetary Fund and demand salary increases.

Workers paralyse Argentina in third general strike


Why are Jordanians protesting?

Government sees new tax law as important economic reform, but protesters say it undermines the poor and middle class.

Jordan protests: What you should know

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Trade wars and debt: The biggest risks to world economy

What's behind the IMF's and the World Bank's warnings about a looming global economic downturn?

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Middle East in transition: Oil, women and the IMF

IMF chief Christine Lagarde discusses the role of women in the Middle East and changing economic winds in the region.


IMF warns of GCC crisis' impact on economic growth

GCC rift has 'limited impact' on current regional growth, but IMF warns of broader 'erosion' of investor confidence'.

Gulf crisis: IMF warns of weakened medium-term growth

Counting the Cost

Bubble trouble: What lies beneath at the IMF

Will the new IMF world economy predictions set minds at ease or are they another smokescreen for the same old policies?


Eurozone fails to agree fresh Greek bailout

Talks in Brussels did not end in a deal needed to unlock Greece’s next installment of multi-billion euro bailout.

Business & Economy

Thousands protest against austerity in Greece

Almost 18,000 people take to the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki against new round of cuts in pension and tax break.