Donald Trump

Ex-FBI chief: Trump 'morally unfit' to be president

James Comey says US president treats women like 'meat' and there is 'certainly some evidence of obstruction of justice'.

Ex-FBI Director Comey: Trump 'morally unfit' to be president

Donald Trump

Trump calls FBI raid on his lawyer's office disgraceful

FBI raided the office and residence of Trump's personal lawyer, seizing records on Cohen's clients and other documents.

Trump: FBI raid on lawyer Michael Cohen's office disgraceful


Fired FBI deputy chief kept detailed notes on Trump

Andrew McCabe kept personal notes detailing interactions with Trump that have been provided to special counsel.

Fired FBI deputy chief Andrew McCabe kept memos on Trump dealings

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FBI deputy chief fired over leaks: 'Here's the reality'

Justice Department says Andrew McCabe had leaked information to reporters and misled investigators about his actions.


'Memogate' and Trump's dangerous paranoia

The infamous Nunes memo has likely fed Trump's paranoia about US law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Daniel R DePetris

by Daniel R DePetris

Daniel R DePetris

Inside Story

What's next for the Trump-Russia investigation?

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI.

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Ex-Trump adviser Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI

Former national security adviser admits he made false statements over his contact with Russian ambassador.

Fault Lines

Confidential: Surveilling Black Lives Matter

Fault Lines investigates the scope and impact of police and FBI surveillance of black activists in the US.

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Trump to release nearly all JFK assassination files

US president says public deserves to be "fully informed", but some files are still withheld by government agencies.

Trump to release nearly all JFK assassination files

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Sessions: Russia collusion claims a 'detestable lie'

US attorney general calls alleged collusion with Russian officials in the US election 'appalling' in vehement denial.

Jeff Sessions calls Russia claims a 'detestable lie'

Reporter's Notebook

7 things learned from James Comey testimony

Former FBI director reveals new information during Senate intelligence committee testimony over firing by Trump.

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Trump asked FBI to 'let go' Flynn investigation: Comey

Former FBI director James Comey to testify that Trump asked him to drop probe into his former national security adviser.

Trump asked FBI to 'let go' Flynn investigation: Comey


Trump nominates Wray as new FBI director

Former justice department official is 'a man of impeccable credentials', Trump announces on Twitter.

Trump nominates Christopher Wray as new FBI director

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Special counsel announced to probe Trump-Russia links

Longtime FBI Director Robert Mueller named as the lead investigator looking into alleged Russian ties to Trump campaign.

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'Americans will get chance to hear from Comey shortly'

FBI head sacked by President Trump invited by panel investigating possible Russian interference in US elections.