Red-flagging Canada's children on no-fly lists

Nearly two dozen kids deemed flight security threats - with little recourse to remove the highly secretive designation.

Malaysia Airlines

Possible Malaysia plane wreckage to be tested in France

Malaysia says debris on Reunion island "very likely" from Boeing jet, but unclear if it is from missing MH370 airliner.

Malaysia Airlines

Reunion Island plane debris investigated for MH370 link

Malaysia sends a team to Indian Ocean island to examine wreckage, but officials say it is too early identify its origin.

Counting the Cost

Akbar al-Baker: The ongoing fight for the open skies

We speak to Qatar Airways CEO Akbar al-Baker about the tension between US and Gulf airlines over state subsidies.


First funeral held for AirAsia crash victim

Woman buried in Surabaya cemetery was one of 162 people on board Flight QZ8501 which crashed into Java Sea on Sunday.

Inside Story

Are airlines keeping us safe?

The fate of AirAsia flight is once again raising questions about air safety.

Business & Economy

Boeing sells first parts to Iran since 1979

National carrier Iran Air receives parts, ending a 35-year break in business prohibited under decades of US sanctions.


Germany's pilot strike grounds flights

One-day walkout at Frankfurt airport by Lufthansa's long-haul pilots forces 1,500 flights to be cancelled.


Total CEO killed in Moscow airport accident

Russian media reports say Christophe de Margerie died when his private jet collided with snow-clearing machine.


Broken Dreams: Boeing responds

Boeing's full responses to our inquiries about the 787 "Dreamliner".


Interview: The Boeing factory worker

A worker at Boeing South Carolina's 787 factory reveals his concerns about drug abuse and production errors.


Interview: The fired engineer

John Woods claims he was terminated from his job at Boeing after raising safety concerns.


Boeing workers: What really happens inside

Workers at Boeing's South Carolina factory divulge their views on the "Dreamliner".


The 'fake' Boeing 787 rollout

As Boeing rolled out its 'Dreamliner' to experts and journalists, under the surface not all was as it seemed.


Boeing's 787 battery: Problems from the start

Lithium-ion batteries for the Boeing 787 came with risks that the company may not have anticipated.