Madagascar has the plague: What you should know

Five important questions about an outbreak of the deadly disease in the African island nation of Madagascar.

Why is there a plague outbreak in Antananarivo?


WHO study calls obesity a 'global health crisis'

Almost two billion people worldwide now classified as overweight, 671 million of whom are obese.

WHO study sounds alarm over childhood obesity


WHO spent 'more than $400m' on travel in last two years

World Health Organization's spending on travel exceeded its expenditure on public health problems, report says.

WHO travel costs 'outstrip' disease budget


WHO: Malaria vaccine to be 'real life' tested in Africa

Ghana, Kenya and Malawi to start large scale trial of RTS,S injectable vaccine in 2018.

WHO: Malaria vaccine to be 'real life' tested in Africa


Urgent aid needed to prevent famine in Somalia: WHO

The World Health Organization says there are only two months left to prevent Somalia's third famine in 25 years. The last one six years ago, killed more than 250,000 people.


WHO endorses 'very effective' Ebola vaccine prototype

With major questions still remaining unanswered, WHO says the vaccine tested in Guinea could be registered in 2018.

Latin America

Guyana's high suicide rate

How is the country addressing the epidemic?

Guyana's high suicide rate

Zika virus

Zika 'no longer global emergency, but here to stay'

Health agency says mosquito-borne virus still poses a significant public health challenge requiring intense action.

Zika no longer a world public health emergency: WHO

Inside Story

How to fight deadly diabetes?

Disease remains a major threat to public health globally with one person dying from diabetes every six seconds.


Two billion children breathing toxic air, says UNICEF

In new report, UN agency says 600,000 children under the age five die each year of diseases linked to air pollution.

UNICEF: Two billion children breathing toxic air

Zika virus

WHO broadens Zika safe sex guidelines for travellers

Health agency updates guidance on Zika, saying both men and women should now use protection or abstain for six months.

WHO broadens Zika safe sex guidelines for travellers


WHO to hold emergency meet over yellow fever outbreak

Health experts to meet on August 31 to discuss counter-measures following a yellow fever outbreak in the DRC and Angola.

WHO to hold emergency meeting to advise on yellow fever

Middle East

No vaccinations for children in Syria's Eastern Ghouta

With no access to vaccinations for their children, Syrians in the besieged Eastern Ghouta fear the worst.

No vaccinations for children in Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Humanitarian crises

WHO holds emergency talks to decide on Zika response

UN health agency set to determine whether virus outbreak should be declared a global health emergency.


Zika virus vaccine 'could take three to five years'

Researchers call for new incentives for drug companies after outbreak of mosquito-borne virus spreads to 21 countries.