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What's causing water shortages?

Many parts of the world are drying up at an alarming rate.


Los Angeles looks for ways to solve water dilemma

LA gets its water from the San Joaquin river delta, the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Hoover Dam, but all three sources are in decline.


Israel control of Palestinian water supply hits farmers

Between illegal settlements, military encroachments and a rigged project approval process, Israel is crushing Palestinian agriculture by denying access to water and things are getting worse.


Nigeria: Shrinking Goronyo dam threatens livelihood of millions

In the past year, water levels have dropped to just 10 percent of its capacity, forcing authorities to ration water to homes.

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Up to the Last Drop: The Secret Water War in Europe

Is water a commodity or a human right? Cities across Europe are fighting water privatisation.


Libyans forced to dig for water in backyards

Libya is said to have one of the largest irrigation projects in the world. About 3,000km of an underground pipeline system carrying fossil freshwater is meant to supply water to millions. But many cities are still running dry.


Why are people concerned about Sydney's water?

Coal mining under the reservoirs of Australia's most populous city may be starting to affect the water.


Asia Pacific: Agriculture, population growth spike water needs

In 30 years or so, 3.4 billion people in the region are expected to be living in water-scarce areas – with climate change exacerbating the problem.


Pakistan urged to avert disastrous water crisis

Millions are already feeling the effects of water shortages because of what critics say is poor planning and uncontrolled urbanisation.


Afghanistan faces severe clean water shortage

The Hindu Kush mountain range, which has long been Afghanistan's main source of water, is under threat due to the rapid melting of glaciers.


Planting seeds in Brazil to solve water scarcity problem

While Brasilia faces a water shortage, the city is turning to its past and planting the seeds of plants that used help with water retention in the region.


Chile droughts: Private water system under pressure

Water is becoming increasingly scarce in Chile due to drought, the overuse of aquifers and a dysfunctional system of private water ownership.

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Mexico capital's water crisis over crumbling infrastructure

The global water crisis is being keenly felt in one of the world's largest capitals.


World Water Day for a plastic world

Water related challenges can not be solved within a global capitalist system that is itself destroying nature.

Belen Fernandez

by Belen Fernandez

Belen Fernandez


Study highlights disparity in access to clean water

World facing water crisis, with one in nine people already lacking access to clean water close to home, says report.

WaterAid: Access to clean water lacking worldwide