Harare's sanitation crisis to blame for Zimbabwe cholera epidemic

Raw sewage and rubbish a poor suburb of Harare have led to a cholera outbreak, killing more than 20 so far and sickening 3,000 people.


Afghanistan: Millions risk running out of water in severe drought

The UN says a quarter of a million Afghans have abandoned their homes so far this year in search of water.


Deadly Basra clashes as government office torched

Six killed and a dozen wounded as demonstrations escalate over abysmal government services in the southern province.

Iraq: Deadly Basra clashes as protesters torch government office


State of emergency declared in Alagoas after drought

Hundreds of thousands in Brazil's Alagoas state suffer from water shortages.

State of emergency declared in Alagoas after drought


Netherlands facing the driest summer ever

The drought across northern Europe has Dutch officials worried about something perhaps unexpected: flooding.


Iranian protesters angry at worsening economy

Demonstrations have grown and spread from small towns to the bigger cities.

Middle East

Iraq's farmers hit hard by crippling water shortages

With one in five Iraqis working as farmers, crippling water shortages have pushed many to find alternative employment.

Iraq's farmers hit hard by water shortages

Counting the Cost

Ocean diamonds: Africa's 'blue economy'

Exploring the continent's blue economy concept and its potential in creating jobs and improving livelihoods.

Al Jazeera World

Senegal's Sinking Villages

Global climate change and an engineering 'quick fix' have created an ecological disaster on Senegal's Atlantic coast.


Water: Human right or a commodity for the EU?

Water is the most important issue of our time, and also an issue of democracy, says Avgeropoulos.

Europe's water lobby: Q&A with filmmaker Yorgos Avgeropoulos


India faces 'worst-ever' water crisis: report

Alarming study finds about 600 million Indians are facing high to extreme stress over clean water access.

India faces 'worst-ever' water crisis: report


Who owns America's water?

Not you. Not if you're an average American citizen.

Gina Benevento

by Gina Benevento

Gina Benevento

Middle East

Declining levels in Iraq's Tigris raise fear of water crisis

Iraqis blame their government over water shortages, and Turkey decides to delay filling upstream Ilisu Dam.

Declining levels in Iraq's Tigris raise fear of water crisis


Heat wave in India worsens water shortages

Water tankers are being used across northern India, but low water rations are increasing the risk of waterborne illness, particularly for children.

Special series

Ocean's Monopoly: How Nations Use Science to Conquer the Sea

A look into the complex world of ocean bed ownership and how nations are vying for their own piece of the puzzle.