Pakistan urged to avert disastrous water crisis

Millions are already feeling the effects of water shortages because of what critics say is poor planning and uncontrolled urbanisation.


Afghanistan faces severe clean water shortage

The Hindu Kush mountain range, which has long been Afghanistan's main source of water, is under threat due to the rapid melting of glaciers.


Planting seeds in Brazil to solve water scarcity problem

While Brasilia faces a water shortage, the city is turning to its past and planting the seeds of plants that used help with water retention in the region.


Chile droughts: Private water system under pressure

Water is becoming increasingly scarce in Chile due to drought, the overuse of aquifers and a dysfunctional system of private water ownership.

Business & Economy

Mexico capital's water crisis over crumbling infrastructure

The global water crisis is being keenly felt in one of the world's largest capitals.


World Water Day for a plastic world

Water related challenges can not be solved within a global capitalist system that is itself destroying nature.

Belen Fernandez

by Belen Fernandez

Belen Fernandez


Study highlights disparity in access to clean water

World facing water crisis, with one in nine people already lacking access to clean water close to home, says report.

WaterAid: Access to clean water lacking worldwide


More than half of Kenya's population lacks clean water access

The government is attempting to bring more water to more people, but it has become increasingly difficult to find and some communities rely upon infrequent government water deliveries.


Cape Town farmers laid off amid water crisis

About 30,000 seasonal farm workers have been laid off, with the threat of more layoffs if it does not rain soon.


Cape Town taps may be off soon due to drought

If that happens, Cape Town will become the first major city in the world to run out of water. Authorities say only substantial rainfall can fix the crisis.

Inside Story

Is the golden age of water over?

Cape Town is facing 'day zero' when the city's taps will be shut off.


Ethiopia to ease tensions with Egypt over Nile dam

Egypt says Ethiopia is trying to control the flow of the Nile, which could threaten its water security.

Ethiopia to ease tensions with Egypt over Nile dam

South Africa

'Day Zero': Will Cape Town shut off water of 3m people?

Taps in the drought-hit South African city could be turned off by April 21.

Cape Town confronts looming 'Day Zero' water crisis


Sisi: Egypt does not want war with Sudan and Ethiopia

Egyptian president says Cairo seeks good relations with both countries as tensions continue to rise in Read Sea region.

Sisi: Egypt does not want war with Sudan and Ethiopia


Parched for a price: Karachi's water crisis

Residents of Karachi are being held hostage by a 'mafia' that makes millions of dollars out of their need for water.

Parched for a price: Karachi's water crisis