Women's Rights

Nobel Peace Prize winners seek justice for war rape victims

DRC doctor Mukwege and Yazidi activist Murad share the honour for efforts to put to end rape as a weapon of war.


A Thousand Girls Like Me: An Afghan Woman's Fight Against Rape

Khatera is determined to bring the father who raped her to justice even as family members threaten to kill her.

Women's Rights

Venezuelan rape-survivor-turned-lawyer finally gets justice

Inter-American Court on Human Rights finds Venezuela responsible for 2001 torture of Linda Loaiza Lopez Soto.

Venezuelan rape-survivor-turned-lawyer finally gets justice


Tariq Ramadan granted bail in France sex assault case

A Paris appeals court grants prominent Islamic scholar conditional release after 10 months in detention.

French court grants bail to Tariq Ramadan in sexual assault case


Murder suspect admits attacking Bulgarian journalist

If convicted on rape and murder charges, 21-year-old Severin Krasimirov could be sentenced to life in prison.

Viktoria Marinova: Murder suspect admits attacking journalist

Inside Story

How will Nobel Peace Prize affect fight against sexual violence?

Campaigners determined to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict awarded prize.

Humanitarian crises

Mukwege, Murad awarded 2018 Nobel Peace Prize

Mukwege is a gynaecologist treating survivors of sexual violence in the DRC and Murad is a Yazidi human rights activist.


Nepal bans porn sites to curb sexual violence

Over 24,000 pornography sites blocked but activists say the real problem is the lack of justice for women.

Nepal bans porn sites to curb sexual violence


Football star Ronaldo sued over alleged rape

Portuguese forward dismisses claims of sexual assault at Las Vegas hotel as 'fake news', as police reopen 2009 case.

Cristiano Ronaldo sued over alleged rape of Kathryn Mayorga

Sexual assault

India launches first online database of sex offenders

Officials say the database will be accessible only to law enforcement agencies but critics fear it might be misused.

India launches first sex offenders register amid spate of rapes


Nine-year-old 'gang-raped, eyes gouged out' in Kashmir

At least five people arrested, including the stepmother, for brutal gang rape and murder of nine-year-old child.

Kashmir: Nine-year-old 'gang-raped, eyes gouged out'


Morocco arrests 12 suspects over teen's 2-month torture

Teenage girl says she was repeatedly gang-raped and brutalised throughout her two-month ordeal.

Morocco arrests 12 suspects over teen's 2-month torture


Outcry in Morocco over girl's 'gang rape, torture'

Teenager says she was abducted and gang-raped by 13 men who forcibly tattooed her and burned her with cigarettes.

Morocco: Outcry after 'girl is raped, tattooed with swastikas'


The Apology: Stories of Asia's 'Comfort Women'

Women forced into sexual slavery during World War II fight for justice and struggle to make peace with the past.


Women face sex predator threat in Spain's running of the bulls

After last year's 'Wolf Pack' attacks and their lenient sentencing, feminist groups are raising awareness during Pamplona's famous running of the bulls festival.