Reporter's Notebook

Air pollution welcomes Asian Games athletes in Jakarta

Just three days before the opening of the Asian Games, the air pollution index shows 154 micrograms of harmful particles per cubic metre.

Air pollution welcomes athletes in Jakarta for Asian Games


France's plastic revolution

How one European country is taking the plastic bull by the horns and innovating its way to a greener future.


Turning ocean plastic into art and fuel in British Columbia

How a Canadian organisation is setting an example on how to tackle plastic pollution and turn it into an opportunity.


Turning the tide on plastic: Creation and art from waste

earthrise goes to Canada and France to look at ways of dealing with the plastic pollution crisis.


UN demands halt to plastic pollution 'swamping' planet

Eight million tonnes of plastic dumped into oceans each year, killing marine life and entering the human food chain.

World Environment Day: 'Our world is swamped by plastic'


EU seeks plastic cutlery ban to combat ocean pollution

European Commission seeks ban on items such as plastic cotton buds and cutlery in an effort to combat ocean pollution.

European Commission unveils proposal for single-use plastics ban


Winds of change: Eco-cremation in India and green power on Samso

A look at how communities in India and Denmark have adjusted their way of living, turning it into a greener alternative.

European Union

The hidden costs of coal in Romania

Biggest coal company wants more time to implement EU pollution standards as pressure for energy transition grows.

The hidden costs of coal in Romania

101 East

Indonesia's Most Polluted River

101 East investigates the human cost of one of the world's most polluted rivers, the Citarum in Indonesia.


Polluted air kills seven million people each year: WHO

In total, 90 percent of people around the world are breathing polluted air, which kills about seven million annually.

Gap in air quality between rich and poorer countries increases

Inside Story

How do we solve the plastic catastrophe?

Forty companies in the UK have pledged to reduce plastic waste over the next seven years.

Latin America

How light pollution undermines search for other planets

We know all about the pollution of our water, air, and soil, but how much have you thought about light pollution?


Scientists test plastic-eating enzyme in bid to fight pollution

It is a world first in an effort to find a solution for the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced every year.


Philippines to temporarily shut down tourist island

Boracay's closure ordered by President Duterte after he was outraged by environmental violations.

Philippines to shut down tourist island Boracay for six months


A breath of fresh air: Artist turns smog into jewellery

Poland is home to 33 of Europe’s 50 most polluted cities and a Dutch artist has come up with an innovative solution.

Breath of fresh air: How a Dutch artist turns smog into jewellery