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'Nearly everyone had a story about gun violence'

Hundreds of thousands of people attended the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, DC, calling for strict gun control law.

March for Our Lives: 'Nearly everyone had a story about gun violence'


A coalition of compassion in America

March For Our Lives demonstration in Washington, DC was a sign that the future is in wise, good and able hands.

Andrew Mitrovica

by Andrew Mitrovica

Andrew Mitrovica

Counting the Cost

Gun economics in Trump's America

In the wake of #NeverAgain, the investment community is also waking up to its role in the US firearms economy.

Gun economics in Trump's America

Gun control

March for Our Lives: Thousands rally for US gun control

From Washington, DC to Tokyo, students in over 800 cities and towns rally to demand an end to gun violence.

Counting the Cost

Facebook and the big data business

A look at the Facebook data breach scandal and how our information is being bought and sold without us knowing.

Gun violence

US unveils plan to ban controversial gun devices

The announcement comes as thousands of people take part in the March For Our Lives protests, calling for gun control.

US justice department announces proposal to ban bump stocks

Reporter's Notebook

The day I got my AK-47: Arming Mexico's drug cartels

An insight into gun trafficking across the US-Mexican border and the deadly impact of US gun laws in Mexico.

United States

Two teenagers wounded in school shooting in US

Incident at Great Mills High School in Maryland is the latest in a series of armed assaults at schools across the US.

People & Power

America's Guns: Arming Mexico's Cartels

People and Power investigates how an astonishing flow of arms from the US has exacerbated crime and conflict in Mexico.

Gun control

Meet the US students leading mass gun control protests

In the wake of the mass shooting at a Florida high school, students nationwide are organising for stricter gun laws.

Who are the US students leading mass protests for gun control?

Gun violence

'We want to write our homework, not our wills'

Students across the US walk out of class for 17 minutes to demand stricter gun controls and protection in schools.

Gun violence

#Enough: US students walk out over gun violence

Thousands will walk out of the classroom for 17 minutes on Wednesday to honour those killed in the latest mass shooting.

#Enough: US students start mass walkout to call for gun control

US & Canada

US to vote on boosting security at schools

The US House of Representatives is set to vote this week on paying for more security at schools. Students are planning nationwide protests following the Florida shootings last month of 17 high school children and staff.

The Listening Post

#NeverAgain: Aftermath of the Florida school shooting

Unlike previous school shootings, this time the surviving students take on the NRA and its supporters - head on.

Gun violence

US Justice Department moves to ban bump stocks

Calls for the ban of the rapid-fire gun modification grew louder after mass shootings in Las Vegas and Florida.

US Department of Justice introduces proposal to ban bump stocks