ADHD overdiagnosis in younger students, says global study

Researchers are warning teachers and clinicians are mistaking immaturity for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.


Rebuilding schools and young lives in Mosul after ISIL

Teachers at Mosul's rebuilt schools say that even as they attempt to return their pupils to a child's normal routine, the trauma and psychological effects of the war continue to plague the students.

Middle East

Bleak job prospects for youth in occupied Palestine

The unemployment rate for those with a post high-school degree is 55 percent and even worse for women at 72 percent.


'We lost our homes and country, but we also lost our books'

Baynatna, an Arabic library in Berlin, is popular among the diaspora and refugees whose own stories could fill novels.

'We lost our homes and country, but we also lost our books'


Afghanistan is trying to save its child soldiers

Afghanistan is changing the way it deals with children accused of fighting with the Taliban.


Cameroon Anglophone crisis: Child refugees in Nigeria seek help

Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria have urged the Nigerian government and international donors to help them with basic needs of life, indicating that it is not yet safe for them to return home.

Middle East

Morocco's teachers debate: Classical Arabic or local dialect

Educators in Morocco are asking what language is more important to be taught in schools.


To solve Africa's problems, give women a chance

Turkey has focused its development efforts in Africa on women's empowerment.

Emine Erdogan

by Emine Erdogan

Emine Erdogan

Middle East

Yemen losing generation of youth to war

The number of children returning to school in Yemen has dropped to a new low as nationwide devastation continues.


Hungary's CEU under pressure despite EU move on Article 7

Hungarian government's stand on the institution promoted by George Soros remains unchanged.

Hungary's CEU under pressure despite EU move on Article 7


Inequality haunts South African students

Access to education is improving but there are concerns that standards are slipping.


Why is Hungary refusing refugees higher education?

Dozens of refugees will not finish studies after Hungary's anti-migrant government imposed a punishing university tax.

Punishing tax stops refugees studying at Hungarian universities


Giving Indonesia's children with disabilities a chance

This Indonesian man has made it his life's mission to educate children with disabilities.

Giving Indonesia's children with disabilities a chance


Saudi-Canada dispute: Students forced to return home

Students from Saudi Arabia studying Canada are have been ordered by their government to leave the country in the middle of their courses.

United States

New law helps Dreamers go to college in New Jersey

New Jersey becomes the 10th state to offer financial aid to undocumented immigrants and beneficiaries of DACA - the programme that President Trump has threatened to cancel entirely.