Local fishers in France struggle along with Mediterranean ecology

Climate change and pollution have taken their toll on the fish population in the Mediterranean and the effect of tourist fishing is not even being calculated.


Air-quality alerts issued in US as wildfires continue to burn

Several US states are enduring dangerous levels of air pollution, all because of wildfires raging out of control.

Air-quality alerts issued in US as wildfires continue to burn


Australia's most populous state '100 percent' in drought

New South Wales is suffering the worst drought in more than 50 years, with farmers among the hardest hit.

Australia's most populous state '100 percent' in drought

Natural disasters

Raging California fires now worst in state history

Blazes have burned 114,800 hectares of land so far with weeks to go in the hot-and-dry summer season.

Counting the Cost

Extreme heat, wildfires and the cost of climate change

Environmental economics expert Sam Fankhauser discusses extreme weather events and says it will become 'the new normal'.

United States

Trump administration proposes freezing fuel efficiency standards

Trump's proposed standards for fuel efficiency would discard rules set to go into effect in 2025 and strip California of its rights to set its own efficiency standards.

Al Jazeera World

Senegal's Sinking Villages

Global climate change and an engineering 'quick fix' have created an ecological disaster on Senegal's Atlantic coast.


Is it time for a post-growth economy?

The growth-driven economic model we have adopted is killing our planet.

Jason Hickel

by Jason Hickel

Jason Hickel


Video: Huge melting iceberg threatens Greenland village

Those living near the coast have been evacuated to higher ground as a precaution.

US & Canada

Art exhibit shows New York's Times Square submerged in water

The exhibition by Mel Chin shows the observer the links between the shipping that helped make New York City a global commercial hub and the consumption that drives climate change.


Records tumble as temperatures soar across the globe

Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America endure hottest weather ever observed.

Records tumble as temperatures soar across the globe

Global Warming

Report: Antarctic ice melting faster than ever

Between 1992 and 2017, a total of 2.7 trillion tonnes of Antarctic ice melted equivalent to 7.5mm rise in sea levels.

Report: Antarctic ice melting faster than previously thought

Climate SOS

Pope to oil execs: World must convert to clean fuel

Pope Francis tells oil executives the world must convert to clean fuel, saying 'energy must not destroy civilisation'.

Pope Francis: Climate change a challenge of epochal proportions


Antarctic sanctuary: The Weddell Sea quest

We join Greenpeace on their Antarctica expedition as they fight for the creation of the world's largest protected area.


Heat wave in India worsens water shortages

Water tankers are being used across northern India, but low water rations are increasing the risk of waterborne illness, particularly for children.