Rohingya crisis: a children's emergency of the highest order

As we enter the sixth month since this crisis erupted, thousands of Rohingya children are still living in fear.

Mark Pierce

by Mark Pierce
- Orla Murphy

Mark Pierce


Q&A: The reality of free education for all in Ghana

Two NGO workers explain why, despite free tuition, some Ghanaian children still struggle to get an education.


Why are some Kyrgyz forced to abandon their children?

From leaving their children with family or at orphanages, struggling parents make tough choices as they seek employment.

Children abandoned as Kyrgyz parents seek work abroad


'One million children die the day they are born'

Pakistan, CAR and Afghanistan are the hardest hit as UN agency says the world is failing newborns.


Kayayo: Ghana's Living Shopping Baskets

A young girl's dream to return home after two years of working in the markets of Accra clash with family pressures.


UK coach 'sexually abused' late footballer, say victims

Men that Barry Bennell assaulted as boys tell Al Jazeera they witnessed talent scout grooming and abusing Gary Speed.

Barry Bennell 'sexually abused' Gary Speed, victims say


Inside UK football's child sex abuse scandal

Al Jazeera's investigative unit reveals the stories behind a football child sex abuse scandal in Britain.

Inside UK football's child sex abuse scandal

United Kingdom

How child sex abuse victims are scared into silence

Evidence suggests it is common for those sexually abused in childhood not to disclose abuse until their 40s and 50s.

How child sex abuse victims are scared into silence


Australia former PM talks about indigenous abuses

Ten years ago, Kevin Rudd, Australia's then-prime minister, apologised in parliament to generations of Aboriginal children who were forcibly taken from their homes and put in state institutions.


'Why I spoke out on sex abuse in football 20 years ago'

While speaking out has become easier, authorities are still not doing enough to prevent further crime, says a survivor.

Ian Ackley

by Ian Ackley

Ian Ackley


More than 300 child soldiers released in South Sudan

The United Nations in South Sudan says 311 child soldiers have been released from armed groups in the war-torn country.

South Sudan: More than 300 child soldiers released

Inside Story

What will it take to get every child in school?

About 264 million children and young people are not in school.

101 East

China's Prison Orphans

What happens to children in China when their parents go to prison?

Reporter's Notebook

The hollow eyes of hunger in Indonesia's Papua

A measles outbreak and malnutrition is killing scores of children in the Indonesia's remote region.


'Young Afghans should dream big and of a better future'

Ten Afghan students, some of whom are travelling for the first time, participate in an international debating event.

War-weary Afghan students flock to Doha for Model UN