'French police cut soles off shoes of child refugees'

Charity accuses French border police of withholding food and water and forcibly returning minors to Italy.

French border police regularly abused refugee children: Oxfam


Afghanistan: Where has the aid money gone?

Despite billions of dollars being poured into girls' education in Afghanistan, conditions at schools remain rudimentary.

Where's the aid money gone? Afghan girls' struggle for education

Child rights

UN calls on US to stop separating migrant children from parents

UN human rights office says implementation of policy on US-Mexico amounts to a violation of child rights.

UN calls on US to stop separating migrant children from parents

Child rights

Gaza children 'on brink of mental health crisis'

Research by the rights group found 95 percent of young people surveyed in Gaza showed deep psychological distress.


Spirit Child: Ritual Killings in Ghana

Anas Aremeyaw Anas investigates the ritual killings of Ghanaian children deemed to be possessed by evil spirits.

Child rights

Half the world's children at risk from poverty, war

Conditions faced by children worsened in 40 countries last year, new Save the Children study says.


Born landless: Manus Island's refugee babies

Children fathered by refugees on Manus Island could be marginalised by patrilineal clan structures, says Father Taulam.

Manus Island's refugee babies: Q&A with Father Clement Taulam

Latin America

Chile sex abuse scandal: Catholics attempt to rebuild faith

The Catholic Church is still an intrinsic part of Chilean society, and believers keep coming to church, but now they’re demanding change right from the top.

Muslim Ban

Yemeni family 'hopeless' after disabled daughter denied US visa

Thousands of Yemeni-American families have been stranded in Djibouti or forced back to Yemen due to Trump's travel ban.

Yemeni family 'hopeless' after disabled daughter denied US visa

Al Jazeera Correspondent

The Cut: Exploring FGM

Why does the dangerous and painful practice of female genital mutilation persist in so many countries across the world?

Reporter's Notebook

Why should we care about FGM?

Fatma Naib undertook a journey to understand why so many communities continue to subject their daughters to female genital mutilation and what it would take for them to stop.

Aboriginal Australians

Is Australia creating a new stolen generation?

A decade after Australia's stolen generations apology the number of indigenous children in out-of-home care has doubled.


The child rape cases that shook Indian politics

Outrage over two child rape cases have rocked India and exposed the duplicity of the ruling BJP party.

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay

by Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay


Kashmir rape: 'Her milk teeth were yet to fall out'

Police investigation details gruesome rape and killing of an eight-year-old girl, as outrage in India soars.

Kashmir rape case: The girl, her family and the accused


With no formal schools or jobs, Rohingya left in lurch

Despair and frustration bogs down Rohingya refugees as they face a future with no access to formal education or jobs.

With no formal schools or jobs, young Rohingya left in lurch