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Russians hold rally against messaging app ban

Protests come two weeks after court allowed government to block messaging app for failing to hand over encryption keys.

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Press freedom on trial: The DNC lawsuit against WikiLeaks

Could the DNC's legal battle against WikiLeaks set a dangerous precedent for press freedom?

Science & Technology

Iran releases messaging app to replace Telegram

As Soroush app is officially launched in Iran, Telegram users reported problems using the messaging platform.

Iran releases messaging app Soroush to replace Telegram

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Why did Pakistan's Geo TV go dark?

Pakistan's largest TV network has been taken off air in most parts of the country.

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Geo goes dark: Media and the military in Pakistan

Media mystery in Pakistan: who ordered Geo News off the air? Plus, covering the world's largest biometric database.

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Pulling the strings: Sinclair Broadcast's 'fake news' scandal

Why a viral video raises concerns about America's biggest local TV news network, the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Pulling the strings: Sinclair Broadcast's 'fake news' scandal


No escape: The fearful life of China's exiled dissidents

Activists, journalists and critics of Chinese leadership and authority tell stories of surveillance and threats abroad.

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The day I went viral: Inside Orban's media crackdown

When Dan Nolan set out to expose how the Hungarian state media systematically targets opposition voices, he became a target himself.

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Newsreaders in chorus: The monopolisation of local news in the US

A viral video raises concerns about America's biggest TV news network. Plus, Britain's poverty porn industry.

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Deleted, suspended, demoted: Censorship, Silicon Valley-style

A look at how the tech giants are policing their platforms and whether this amounts to a new kind of censorship.

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Headlines and hyperbole: Covering the Sergei Skripal story

The Skripal affair and the battle of narratives between Russia and UK; plus, Google and Facebook's censorship tactics.

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Xi Jinping's power grab and China's media politics

Five years into Xi Jinping's rule, the fourth estate has been melded much more thoroughly into the political machine.

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Media in the service of Xi Jinping

China's ruling party moves to remove presidential term limits. Plus, the case and coverage of Palestine's Ahed Tamimi.

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Egypt's disappearing voices of dissent

Beyond a media crackdown, Egyptian authorities have enlisted celebrities and footballers to echo the dominant narrative.

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Hungary: Orban's media manipulation exposed

A look at Orban's media strategy: Tightly-controlled state media, private outlets owned by government-friendly tycoons.