The Brief

Sunday's Brief: Austria votes, Raqqa, Iraq tensions

Far right expected to perform well in Austria's national elections, tensions rise in Iraq and Raqqa in focus in Syria.

The Brief: Austria votes, Raqqa, Iraq tension, Rohingya

The Brief

Thursday's brief: Kenya, Palestinian deal, Austria vote

Tensions in Kenya as candidate quits race, outrage after US black man issued arrest warrant after beating, Austria vote.

The Brief: Kenya, Palestinian deal, Austria vote

The Brief

Wednesday's brief: Spain, child obesity, Kenya vote

Spain to hold crisis talks after Catalan leader speech, Kenya candidate pulls out of vote, what's left of ISIL in Iraq?

The Brief: Spain, child obesity, Kenya vote

The Brief

Tuesday's brief: Liberia vote, Hamas and Fatah in Cairo

Liberia votes for new president, Turkey-US visa dispute lingers, Fatah and Hamas meet in Cairo, and UK reports on race.

The Brief: Liberia votes, Raqqa push, UK race report

The Brief

Monday's brief: Rohingya drown, FGM film, Trump's wall

Raqqa push, more misery as a Rohingya refugee boat capsizes, Trump speeds up immigration plan, and a new film on FGM.

The Brief: Rohingya drown, FGM, Trump's wall, Raqqa

The Brief

Sunday's brief: Turkish Syria push, Saudi-Russia ties

Turkish-backed rebels launch operation in Idlib, hurricane Nate hits US, Saudi-Russia ties and more.

The Brief: Turkey backs Syria rebels, Saudi-Russia ties

The Brief

Thursday's brief: Kim Jong-nam trial, Saudi-Russia trip

Chemist finds nerve agent on shirt of woman accused of killing Kim Jong-nam, Saudi King Salman to meet Putin, and more.

The Brief: King Salman in Russia, Togo, Kurdish vote

The Brief

Wednesday's brief: French anti-terror law, Vegas probe

Police investigate the deadly Vegas shooting, French parliament approves new anti-terrorism law, ex-Iraq president dead.

The Brief: French anti-terror law, Las Vegas shooting

The Brief

Tuesday's brief: US mourns, Catalonia strike, Kashmir

Tensions erupt in Kashmir, the world is watching Las Vegas after a mass shooting, and we analyse US aid to Egypt.

The Brief: Vegas shooting, Catalonia strike, Kashmir

The Brief

Monday's brief: Hamas-Fatah deal, Catalonia results

Rival Palestinian groups to meet, Catalans vote Yes, Rohingya mourn boat victims, film explores Pakistan land disputes.

The Brief: Hamas-Fatah deal, Catalan result, Rohingya


Sunday's brief: Catalan vote, N Korea, Hong Kong march

Tensions soar in Spain amid the Catalonia poll, it's China's National Day, and we meet a victim of Kashmir violence.

The Brief: Catalan vote, N Korea, Hong Kong protests