Westminster Attack

UK Muslim raises over $30,000 for London attack victims

After witnessing the car-and-knife attack from his office window, Muddassar Ahmed launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Inside Story

When does a crime become an act of 'terrorism'?

The attack on the UK parliament has been called 'terrorism'. Who decides whether a crime is a 'terror' act?

United Kingdom

Thousands hold vigil for victims of London attack

Mourners fill Trafalgar Square after police identify British man who killed four people near parliament.

Westminster attack: Vigil held in Trafalgar Square

United Kingdom

London attacker named; eight arrested after raids

Police identify British man as assailant and arrest eight in probe into deadly attack near UK parliament.

London police: Eight arrests over Westminster attack

Reporter's Notebook

Seeking solace in wake of the Westminster attack

A deadly attack in the iconic heart of London leaves Britons and tourists alike deeply shocked.

Seeking solace in wake of the Westminster attack


Police hunt for clues after carnage near UK parliament

Police suspect man who rammed car into pedestrians before stabbing others was 'inspired by international terrorism'.


Four people killed in London 'terrorist' attack

Scenes of carnage on Westminster Bridge near London parliament after car-and-knife attack PM calls 'sick and depraved'.