Child labour rampant in Zimbabwe tobacco farms: HRW

Rights group says cases of child labour, worker exploitation and low pay are rife in Zimbabwe's tobacco farms.

Zimbabwe tobacco farms: Child labour, abuse rife, HRW says

Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe accuses gold miners of invading her farms

Zimbabwe's former first lady is embroiled in several controversies and she claims she is being victimised.


HRW: Zimbabwe's tobacco farming tarnished by child labour

Zimbabwe hopes to use tobacco farming to help the country recover from debt, but a new Human Rights Watch report details issues with child labour and human rights abuses on the farms.

Business & Economy

Zimbabwe seeks to boost investments in China

Zimbabwe's government says it's broke and needs direct foreign investment to improve infrastructure.


Zimbabwe's Grace Mugabe probed for ivory smuggling

Former first lady's ties to ivory smuggling ring under investigation after undercover mission by wildlife photographer.


Zimbabwe's president pardons 3,000 prisoners

All women, except those with life sentences, and all juvenile prisoners under the age of 18 are granted amnesty.

Zimbabwe's Emmerson Mnangagwa pardons 3,000 prisoners


Zimbabwe seizure of tobacco farms hamper production

Observers worry that farms have been left derelict and that infrastructure is suffering.


Zimbabweans doubt over Mnangagwa's corruption crackdown

Zimbabwe's president says $591m in state funds have been returned during an amnesty on stolen state funds, but it's less than half of what he had hoped and Zimbabweans don't expect senior officials to be prosecuted.


UN backs 'free, fair, credible' July elections in Zimbabwe

Vote will be the first big test for Emmerson Mnangagwa who became Zimbabwe's president in November.

UN backs 'free, fair, credible' July elections in Zimbabwe

Counting the Cost

'Putinomics' and the Russian elections

What is the state of Russia's economy and how will ordinary Russians fare if Putin stays in power?

Cricket World Cup

Zimbabwe cricket team closing in on a world cup place

Zimbabwe have made it to the final six teams vying for the two last spots in the 2019 Cricket World Cup.


Zimbabwe doctors' strike enters second week

The strike is entering its second week with doctors asking for better working conditions.


Zimbabwe businesses want Western sanctions lifted

Appeal comes as President Emmerson Mnangagwa seeks to attract more foreign investors to improve Zimbabwe's economy.

Business & Economy

Russia competes with world powers in Africa investments

Lavrov recently visited Zimbabwe, where his country is pursuing military and mining cooperation.

Inside Story

Is Emmerson Mnangagwa changing Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe's new president completes 100 days in office, but what has he achieved?