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Human Rights

Vietnam 'jails prominent human rights lawyer'

Wife of Nguyen Van Dai 'strongly protests' against 15-year prison term handed out at tightly guarded trial in Hanoi.

Vietnam 'jails prominent human rights lawyer' Nguyen Van Dai

War & Conflict

'No survivors': US massacre in Vietnam's My Lai

Fifty years on from the massacre and 10 years since Al Jazeera first travelled to Vietnam, have lessons been learned?


Heart of Darkness: Return to the My Lai massacre

A Vietnam War vet returns for the first time to meet survivors of the My Lai massacre and set the record straight.

Humanitarian crises

Survivors recall US massacre in Vietnam

One of the most infamous moments in American military history.

Asia Pacific

Vietnam set to be big winner in TPP trade deal

Vietnam, whose low-wage economy relies on exports, poised to benefit from elimination of tariffs in US and other major importing nations.

United States

US' largest military force in Vietnam since 1975 war

What the US Navy is describing as a routine port stop is being seen as a direct signal to China.


Vietnam marks 50th anniversary of Tet Offensive

A ceremony has been held in Ho Chi Minh City to remember the 1968 Tet Offensive, which significantly altered the course of the war in Vietnam.


Vietnam jails oil executives in corruption probe

Former state official imprisoned for life, as 21 others also jailed for up to 22 years in crackdown on oil giant.

Vietnam jails Trinh Xuan Thanh for life over corruption


Hanoi plan to ban motorbikes by 2030 to combat congestion

The government worries that the vibrant economy could make congestion in the city centre even worse, hoping to replace the vehicles with public transport and push bikes.

Asia Pacific

Tropical Storm Kirogi hits Vietnam

Downpour triggers flooding in the storm-weary country, with with 182 millimetres of rain reported in Quy Nhon.

Tropical Storm Kirogi hits Vietnam

Asia Pacific

Trump backpedals from remarks about 'Russian meddling'

US President Donald Trump has sought to clarify remarks he made about Russian President Vladimir Putin on his country's meddling in last year's election.

Asia Pacific

TPP trade deals forge ahead without US involvement

Members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact have agreed to move forward without involvement from the United States.

Asia Pacific

Trump condemns trade imbalances at APEC summit

Donald Trump's appearance has dominated a meeting on economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.


'American dream' lives on in Vietnam despite the past

Ordinary Vietnamese still believe in what the United States represents, despite the war and painful economic sanctions.

'American dream' lives on in Vietnam despite the past