Battle for Mosul

Is it wrong to call Mosul battle a 'liberation'?

Media narrative about Mosul is rooted in pro-US military propaganda, says US-based Iraqi analyst Raed Jarrar.

Middle East

US tells families of Istanbul consulate staff to leave

US state department orders family members of consulate staff in Istanbul to leave country, citing security threats.

US Elections 2016

US elections glossary: Understanding the voting system

A brief guide to the complex electoral system of the United States.

Inside Story

What does the campaign reveal about US politics?

Clinton and Trump packed the third and final presidential debate with insults, accusations, and name calling.

US Elections 2016

The Arab Americans 'making America laugh again'

After struggling to find a venue for its first performance in 2003, group now headlines New York's top comedy clubs.

US & Canada

Deaths and injuries in New Jersey train crash

Rail service suspended in and out of Hoboken after deadly commuter train crash causes structural damage to station.

US Elections 2016

Jill Stein: 'No thanks' to Hillary or Trump presidency

Third party candidate says Trump victory would be "horrific", but Clinton's policies are "not at all" reassuring.

US & Canada

Sixteen killed in Texas hot-air balloon crash

Authorities say the hot-air balloon was carrying at least 16 people when it caught fire and crashed.


US goes after $1bn in assets from Malaysia's 1MDB

US officials allege fund was used as "personal bank account" to buy assets, including property, a jet and paintings.

Orlando shooting

Who was Orlando shooter Omar Mateen?

Suspect in Orlando nightclub attack was interviewed by FBI twice in 2013 and again in 2014 for alleged "terrorist ties".

Science & Technology

Apple posts historic drop in iPhone sales

Tech giant reports first quarterly drop in revenue in 13 years after selling 10 million fewer iPhones than last year.

War & Conflict

Obama to send 250 new military personnel to Syria

Deployment labelled effort to keep up "momentum" in campaign, with European allies urged to match US contributions.

Special series

Drone: Inside the CIA's Secret Drone War

From drone operators to strike victims, we examine the impact of remote-controlled killing and the future of warfare.

The Listening Post

New York: Clinton and the narrative of inevitability

How significant a role, if any, is the media divide playing in the US elections?