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Asia Pacific

Thailand: Migrant registration deadline to expire soon

Thailand is attempting to crackdown on human trafficking and slavery by having migrant workers register, but many have found the registration process convoluted and expensive.

Human Rights

Rights group condemns Thai verdict against UK activist

Human Rights Watch urges better labour treatment in Thailand as court fines British activist US$312,500 for defamation.

HRW condemns libel verdict against rights worker Andy Hall

Asia Pacific

Thai scientists test bats and pigs for viruses passed to humans

In Thailand, scientists are testing fruit bats and pigs to find out how viruses are passed on to people. The hope is that this will help them contain and beat pandemics.


The grim future of Thailand's child boxers

Thai children as young as 9 train to become professional Muay Thai boxers, exposing them to repetitive head injuries that cause severe brain damage over time.

Asia Pacific

Thailand's female monks fight for recognition

'Bhikkhunis' and their monasteries are not legally recognised by Thailand's Buddhist leadership - or by the government - and do not enjoy state funding and other support the country's 300,000 male monks are granted.


Bangkok facing weeks of extreme air pollution

The government is being accused for not giving proper warnings about the health risks as ten million residents of Bangkok endure extreme levels of air pollution.


US, Thailand slammed for military drills with Myanmar

The US and Thailand have been criticised for taking part in a major, joint military exercise with Myanmar's military in eastern Thailand, despite accusations that Myanmar's troops have committed ethnic cleansing against the Muslim Rohingya minority.

Asia Pacific

Cambodia dissident in jail after Thailand deportation

Rights groups condemn Thailand for forcibly returning shoe-throwing critic of Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Cambodia dissident in jail after Thailand deportation


Thailand: Protesters demand national elections

Elections to restore democracy have been postponed several times with by PM Chan-ocha, following a coup in 2014

Thailand: Protesters demand national elections


Thailand protesters charged with sedition

Anti-government protesters in Thailand have been charged with sedition. Nine of them face at least seven years in jail, if they are found guilty. They had been calling for elections and an end to military rule.

Reporter's Notebook

Will Thailand build a 100km canal?

First envisioned in 1677, proposals for a Thai canal linking the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea are back on the agenda.


Cambodian shoe-thrower risks deportation from Thailand

Sam Sokha, who faces prosecution in Cambodia for throwing a shoe at Prime Minister Hun Sen's image, arrested in Bangkok.

Sam Sokha at 'risk of imminent deportation' in Thailand


Forced labour blights Thailand's fishing industry: HRW

Rights abuses still rampant in profitable sector despite government pledge to implement reforms, Human Rights Watch says.