China confirms detention of Hong Kong bookseller

Swedish citizen 'subjected to criminal coercive measures' for allegedly breaking law, China's foreign ministry says.

China confirms arrest of bookseller Gui Minhai


How Instagram is helping Swedes cope with police racism

Instagram account Police Brutality in the Suburbs lets people share experiences as study reveals extent of abuse.

Social media and research: Swedes tackle police racism


IKEA founder Kamprad dies at 91

IKEA's simple but sturdy designs and self-assembly products are now familiar in homes around the globe.


Ecuador grants Julian Assange citizenship

Ecuador gives Wikileaks founder citizenship in a bid to usher him out of its London embassy without risking arrest.

Julian Assange granted citizenship by Ecuador


European borders: Restrictions remain in Schengen zone

In spite of the drop in numbers of refugees arriving in Europe, a number of European countries have cited security controls to keep restrictions in place on movement across their borders.

Human Rights

Sweden: 'Torture, rape and slavery in Libya must stop'

Voices from Stockholm protesting against slavery in Libya.

Sweden: 'Torture, rape and slavery in Libya must stop'

World Cup

'Shock': Italy out of World Cup for 1st time since 1958

Sweden holds firm to qualify for 2018 World Cup in Russia with a 1-0 aggregate win in a hard-fought play-off.

Human Rights

'Deep concerns' over Hong Kong bookseller's whereabouts

Gui Minhai was reportedly released after two years in Chinese jail, but her daughter says his whereabouts are unknown.

Concerns raised over Gui Minhai's whereabouts


Nobel Prize recognises work on biological clock

Three US geneticists' discoveries identified genes that set 'circadian clock' which regulates sleep and eating patterns.

Nobel Medicine Prize goes to Hall, Rosbash and Young


Dozens arrested during neo-Nazi rally in Sweden

Authorities end march early after self-professed National Socialists clash with anti-fascists and police.

Dozens arrested during neo-Nazi rally in Sweden


Dagny Carlsson: Life Begins at 100

The world's oldest blogger reveals how it's possible to transform your life and find happiness at 100 years of age.


Anger as Swedish neo-Nazis prepare for Yom Kippur march

The event dubbed 'Revolt against the traitors' is scheduled to take place on September 30.

Anger as Swedish neo-Nazis prepare for Yom Kippur march


Appeal bid to stop deportation of Afghan woman, 106, from Sweden

The family of an 106-year-old Afghan woman is appealing against a decision by Swedish authorities to deport her from the European country.

Inside Story

Do advantages of microchipping workers outweigh risks?

Arrival of first US workers with microchip implants raises questions of potential risks to health, security and privacy.


Sweden holds first female-only jockeys championship

The first women-only world championship in horse racing has been held in Sweden. The event, which took place north of Stockholm, could become a fixture in the racing calendar.