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South Sudan requests to join Arab League

Egypt's foreign minister visited South Sudan's president in Juba.

South Sudan requests to join Arab League

Middle East

Sudan: Journalists released amid press freedom concerns

Sudan has not said how many journalists were arrested and human rights groups worry that more remain in unknown locations, without access to lawyers or loved ones.

Middle East

Hunger in Africa at the heart of UN conference in Sudan

The United Nations estimates more than 220 million people are facing hunger across the African continent.


Sudan releases activists arrested over 'bread protests'

More than 80 activists and students, imprisoned last month during protests against rising food prices, released.


Without meaningful change Sudan will descend into chaos

Economic failures, armed conflicts, and power struggles within the regime have pushed Sudan towards a tipping point.

Ahmed H Adam

by Ahmed H Adam

Ahmed H Adam

Inside Story

Why is Israel expelling thousands of African refugees?

About 40,000 Africans face deportation from Israel or indefinite imprisonment.


Israel issues deportation notices to African migrants

Israel gives asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan 60 days to leave the country in first wave of deportation notices.


Nile dam dispute: Troops mass on Sudan-Eritrea border

Tensions are heating up around the Nile as Sudan sends troops to the border with Eritrea at the same time that cordial meetings are being held to discuss damming the river in Ethiopia.

Science & Technology

From Kigali to Khartoum: Africa's drone revolution

From Kigali to Khartoum, we meet pioneers using drones to tackle some of Africa's current and future challenges.

From Kigali to Khartoum: Africa's drone revolution


Seeds of Inspiration: Sudan's First Flying Robot Farmer

Two Sudanese inventors use a drone to take on desertification and their rivals in a TV competition for entrepreneurs.


Slavery in Libya: Life inside a container

Two Eritreans, sold as slaves, share harrowing details of their time inside illegal detention centres in Libya.

Slavery in Libya: Life inside a container

Middle East

Libya: Sudanese migrants held captive by smugglers freed

An armed group loyal to Libya's National Unity government says it has arrested a gang accused of kidnapping and torturing Sudanese migrants.

Middle East

Sudan's press freedom: Concern about confiscations

A wave of arrests and a bill that gives national security agents unprecedented powers to shut down media offices have raised concerns that Sudan’s press freedoms are being further eroded.

Middle East

Sudan-Egypt border: Tensions rises over disputed region

Conflict over the region has been exacerbated by Sudan's support for a Somalian hydroelectric dam that will limit the amount of water that reaches Egypt.


Sisi: Egypt does not want war with Sudan and Ethiopia

Egyptian president says Cairo seeks good relations with both countries as tensions continue to rise in Read Sea region.

Sisi: Egypt does not want war with Sudan and Ethiopia