South Korea

Why are South Koreans sceptical about North's intention

Following talks of an inter-Korean summit, South Koreans remain apprehensive about Kim Jong-un's intentions.

Polls show South Koreans do not trust North's 'sincerity'

Business & Economy

Hyundai, Kia costs increase with Trump's tariffs

Tariffs affect South Korea's free trade deal with the US.

Hyundai, Kia costs increase with Trump's tariffs

South Korea

Describing life in North Korea through cartoons

In part three of the series on North Korean defectors, Al Jazeera speaks to cartoonist Sung-guk who fled in 2010.

North Korean defector describes life at home through cartoons

Kim Jong-un

Trump accepts invitation to meet North Korea's Kim

US president says Kim offered talks on denuclearisation and promised to halt missile testing during negotiations.

Pyeongchang 2018

What Russia's absence from Pyeongchang means for Korea

Russia has been banned from the Winter Olympics and the Paralympics due to doping violations.

The price of Russia's absence from the 2018 Winter Olympics

Reporter's Notebook

Paralympics bringing optimism to South Koreans

Following the Winter Olympics, South Korea welcomes participants from the North with a changed tone.

Asia Pacific

Moon Jae-in: Seoul has no plans to ease sanctions on N Korea

South Korea's President Moon Jae-in says he has no plans to ease sanctions against Pyongyang, ahead of a historic summit with leader Kim Jong-un next month.

Asia Pacific

North Korea 'open to talks, halt nuclear pursuit'

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un agrees to meet South Korea's president and impose a moratorium on nuclear tests.

North Korea

North Korea 'wants closer inter-Korean ties'

Kim Jong-un orders 'practical steps' after receiving letter from South Korea's Moon, KCNA reported without elaborating.

North Korea 'seeks closer South Korea ties, reunification'

North Korea

North Korea's Kim Jong-un meets South Korean officials

Kim hosts dinner with South Korean president's special envoys, according to South Korean media.

Reporter's Notebook

Korean grandpa artist taking over Instagram

A 75-year-old started posting his drawings on social media to communicate with his grandchildren. Now, he's an Instagram sensation.

South Korea

'I wish I can go back to North Korea for a day'

In part two of a series on North Korean defectors, Al Jazeera speaks to NG Hyeong, 81, who fled during the Korean War.

North Korean defector: 'I wish I can go back for a day'

South Korea

S Korea envoys to visit North following Olympic detente

Team will try to explore possibility of a visit by President Moon Jae-in to Pyongyang, after invitation by Kim Jong-un.

South Korea envoys to visit North following Olympic detente

South Korea

Why doesn't Korea want its youngsters to speak English?

The ban will affect low-income families in highly competitive society, analysts and parents warn.

South Korea bans English education for first and second graders