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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ebola 'probable' cause of 33 deaths in new DRC outbreak

Health ministry says up to 43 people may have contracted the Ebola virus since latest outbreak declared last week.

DRC: New Ebola deaths confirmed, dozens believed infected


DRC opposition leader blocked from entering country

Aspiring presidential candidates have until August 8 to submit applications and need to physically be in DRC to do so.

Opposition leader Moise Katumbi blocked from entering DRC


Jean-Pierre Bemba registers as DRC presidential candidate

A day after returning to his country following 11 years away, opposition leader lodges papers with electoral commission.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

DRC: Four new cases of Ebola virus confirmed

Health ministry announces Ebola outbreak in DRC just days after previous emergence of the deadly virus is declared over.

DRC: New Ebola virus outbreak days after previous epidemic ends


Prison to Polls: DR Congo's ex-rebel leader aims for presidency

Jean-Pierre Bemba is filing a bid for the presidency after spending 10 years in prison for war crimes, before winning appeal at The Hague.


As Bemba returns, DRC opposition eyes a shot at power

Congolese leader whose war crimes convictions were overturned in June returns to take part in presidential election.

As Jean-Pierre Bemba returns, DRC opposition eyes a shot at power


DRC: Bemba's return raises hope for change ahead of election

After spending more than a decade in prison in The Hague, Congolese opposition leader Jean-Pierre Bemba is expected to arrive back in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday.

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Bemba: Sympathy for victims but justice has been served

The recently acquitted former DRC vice president discusses 10 years in captivity, upcoming elections and Congo's future.


DR Congo declares Ebola epidemic over

Announcement comes at the end of a 10-week observation period for re-emergence of the disease which claimed 33 lives.

DR Congo declares Ebola epidemic over


DRC opposition party endorses Bemba as presidential candidate

The Movement for the Liberation of Congo has nominated Jean Pierre Bemba as their presidential candidate, adding more uncertainty to the already-tense upcoming elections.

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Censored, harassed and arrested: DR Congo's politicised media

With funding tied to political interests, journalists in the DRC are restricted in the stories they can and cannot tell.

Counting the Cost

Illegal logging threatens DR Congo rainforest

The world's second largest rainforest is disappearing at alarming rates due to illegal logging, says NGO Global Witness.


HRW warns of government repression in advance of DRC elections

DRC government spokesman says information by US-based rights group is 'wrong', accuses it of bias.

HRW warns of government repression in advance of DRC elections


European demand for wood rapidly shrinking DRC's rainforest

Non-profit Global Witness says Democratic Republic of Congo's biggest timber company, Norsudtimber, is illegally harvesting trees at nearly 90 percent of its sites with impunity.


What Jean-Pierre Bemba's acquittal by the ICC means

The ICC decision to overturn Bemba's conviction will have major consequences for both the DRC and the court.

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