Latin America

Panama's Manuel Noriega dies at 83

Former ruler of Panama was held in medically induced coma after brain surgery in March.

Latin America

Panama: Former ruler Manuel Noriega dies

Manuel Noriega, Panama's former ruler, has died aged 83, Panama's President, Juan Carlos Varela, announced on Twitter.


Living with Down syndrome: 'It's a genetic accident'

Life according to Maria Jose Paiz Arias, a 19-year-old Panamanian woman with big ambitions - and Down syndrome.


Time to Love: A Backstage Tale

A group of young actors with Down syndrome take on the challenge of staging a classic Panamanian play.

Latin America

Ex-Panama dictator Manuel Noriega in critical condition

Former ruler of Central American country suffers haemorrhage after surgery to remove a benign brain tumour.

Ex-Panama dictator Manuel Noriega in critical condition


Thousands protest in Panama against corruption

Demonstrators take part in anti-government rally amid growing scandal over bribes paid by Brazilian firm Odebrecht.

Odebrecht case: Thousands protest in Panama City


Pakistan: Police clash with protesters in Rawalpindi

Tear gas fired at Imran Khan supporters who defied a ban on public gathering ahead of his plan to shut down the capital.

Pakistan: Police clash with protesters in Rawalpindi


Panama's Grand Canal

We chronicle the construction and controversy of the multibillion-dollar venture to modernise the Panama Canal.

Business & Economy

First vessel passes through expanded Panama Canal

Thousands of people cheer as they watch a Chinese-chartered freighter nudge through the canal.

Panama Papers

Panama Papers whistle-blower breaks silence

Anonymous source behind Mossack Fonseca leak releases 1,800-word manifesto, offering help to public prosecutors.

Panama Papers: Source of law firm leak breaks silence

Business & Economy

US launches Panama Papers investigation

Justice Department opens criminal probe into tax avoidance and money laundering schemes unveiled by leaked documents.

Panama Papers: US launches probe into offshore scandal

The Listening Post

Perspective: Panama Papers and ‘responsible’ journalism

Journalistic collaborations reporting the Panama Papers should be open to aid from beyond the commercial news industry.


Panama Papers: Police raid Mossack Fonseca's offices

Prosecutors say raids at the law firm's headquarters in Panama city went off "with no incident or interference".

Panama Papers: Police raid Mossack Fonseca's offices

The Listening Post

Panama Papers: Mammoth leaks and media collaborations

We look at coverage of the scandal and ask whether corporate-owned media have been agenda-driven in their reporting.

Counting the Cost

Panama Papers: Inside the shady world of tax havens

We explore the impact of the Panama Papers and ask how much of the wealth-management industry's work is perfectly legal.