Roger Federer: World's number one at 36

Federer had not been ranked best in the world since 2012, but his excellent past 13 months will propel him again to the top


Dutch speed skating success boosts Olympic ranking

The 2014 Olympics in Sochi saw the Dutch finish near the top of the overall rankings, purely thanks to their performances in speed skating. They won 23 of the 36 medals.


Winter warmth record for Denmark

Repeated bouts of mild, wet, Atlantic weather have broken more temperature records and brought a flood risk to Europe.

Winter warmth record for Denmark


Decapitated, bloodstained doll left at Amsterdam mosque

Muslim leader lambastes 'cowardly' act by right-wing group, which left note warning against what it calls Islamisation.

Decapitated, bloodstained doll left at Amsterdam mosque


Three killed as severe storm lashes Netherlands

Air traffic, trains and buses halted nationwide after Code Red weather alert is issued for large parts of the country.

Three killed as severe storm lashes Netherlands


Bosnia War general died after taking cyanide in court

Praljak drank the poison just seconds after hearing he had lost his appeal against a 20-year-prison sentence.


Bosnia War commander drinks poison in court, dies

Death of wartime Bosnian Croat forces commander Slobodan Praljak follows dramatic scenes at UN tribunal in The Hague.

United Nations

Bosnian Croat war criminal 'drinks poison' in court

War crimes tribunal in The Hague suspends case against Bosnian Croat after he appeared to drink poison in court.

War criminal Slobodan Praljak 'drinks poison' in court


Amnesty: Shell involved in Nigeria abuses in 1990s

Anglo-Dutch oil giant was involved in a brutal campaign by Nigerian police to silence Ogoniland protesters, report says.

Human Rights

Dutch Muslim officer 'may wear headscarf with uniform'

Dutch Human Rights Commission rules that Sarah Izat should be allowed to wear a headscarf with her uniform.

Dutch police officer 'may wear headscarf with uniform'

Reporter's Notebook

Meat the future: Scientist creates beef in laboratory

Lab process to potentially produce 10,000kg of meat from just one muscle cell, without harming cows.


The Glass Wall: Isolated by Cancer

A Dutch teenager records video diaries when she is locked behind a hospital's glass wall for a bone marrow transplant.


Dutch scientists close to 'breakthrough' method of growing crops

Scientists in the Netherlands say they are close to a breakthrough which will allow crops to be grown in deserts. Many say this could completely alter life on the African continent and even end hunger.


Netherlands sets model of flood prevention

Cities are looking for ways to strengthen their defences against prospective flooding, and they are turning to the Netherlands for answers.


International Commission on Missing Persons opens hi-tech centre

The world has a new hi-tech headquarters to find missing persons.