Russia's largest-ever war games and NATO concerns

Vladimir Putin vows to beef up army saying Russia needs to strengthen its military capabilities to defend sovereignty.

Russia's largest-ever war games and NATO concerns

101 East

Mongolia: The Last Eagle Hunters

101 East ventures into the freezing wilderness to meet the traditional eagle hunters of Mongolia.

Risking it all

Mongolia: The nomads risking it all

Mongolian herders shift their entire lives across frozen rivers and through 2,000 metre-high mountain passes.

Reporter's Notebook

Mongolia: Training with a child jockey

A glimpse into the reality of life in the Mongolian steppes as herder Billy and his five-year-old son Babu prepare for the Naadam festival horse races.


Mongolia's child jockeys risk death to race

In Mongolia, children as young as five are risking life and limb to preserve an ancient tradition.

101 East

Mongolia: Born To Ride

In Mongolia, child jockeys are dying and suffering painful injuries in some of the world's longest horse races.


Rights groups question Mongolia's use of child jockeys

Across Mongolia, 30,000 child jockeys compete in some of the world's longest horse races.


Palliative care in Mongolia helps terminally ill die with dignity

Mongolia’s standard of care for people with terminal illnesses is ranked higher than its larger neighbours Russia and China, as well as some European countries.


Why is urban migration in Mongolia problematic?

Local authorities in Mongolia are scrambling to find ways to stop young people from leaving small towns for the capital.

Human Rights

Little girls dreaming big, racing horses in Mongolia

'If we don't have horses, we're not Mongols'

Little girls dreaming big, racing horses in Mongolia


Mongolia to focus on renewable energy with Japanese backing

Mongolia's first commercial solar plant is now supplying the central electricity grid.


Mongolia: Khaltmaa Battulga wins election on nationalist platform

A billionaire property tycoon has promised to kick start Mongolia's struggling economy, after winning the presidential election.


Martial arts expert Battulga wins Mongolia's election

Khaltmaa Battulga won more than 50 percent of the votes in a scandal-ridden presidential runoff campaign.


Mongolian opposition candidate ahead in runoff vote

Opposition candidate Khaltmaa Battulga wins more than 50 percent of votes, according to partial results.

Khaltmaa Battulga leading in Mongolia presidential poll


Mongolia: Run-off vote for new president

Mongolia – a former communist state - has been a democracy for the past 27 years, but it has never had a run-off election until now. The landmark vote is widely seen as a referendum on economic recovery plans as well as China's influence.