Latin America

Central American migrants in Mexico hoping to cross border to US

Mexican volunteers are rallying to support the new arrivals and provide them with basic needs.


Mexicans protest 'epidemic' of forced disappearances

Demonstrators across the country call on authorities to bring justice for the 15,000 missing young people in Mexico.

Mexicans protest 'epidemic' of forced disappearances

Latin America

Migrant caravan from Central America arrives at US-Mexico border

Dozens of Central American migrants arrived at the border city of Tijuana late on Tuesday, despite warnings it would be futile to try to cross to claim asylum in the United States.


Suspect in murder of prominent Mexico reporter arrested

Authorities announce the arrest of a suspect over the killing of prominent crime journalist Javier Valdez.

Mexico: Suspect in murder of journalist Javier Valdez arrested

Latin America

Mexican presidential hopefuls face off in debate

The five candidates faced off in the first of three presidential debates.

Latin America

Mexico's high murder rate dominates presidential debates

Rise in drug trafficking and violence has dominated the first of three presidential debates in which frontrunner Andres Obrador came under fire.

US-Mexico border

US agents tried to deport man 'because he looked Mexican'

Two US border agents have been reprimanded, but not fired, after attempting to force an injured man across the US-Mexico border without determining his identity, nationality or getting him medical attention.

Gang violence

Mexico's 'invisible' wounds of gang violence

Mental health crisis unfolds in the country after years of drug wars and little psychological help.

Latin America

Why are migrants from Central America escaping to US?

Al Jazeera met migrants from the so-called 'caravan' heading to the US border reflecting on why they had to leave their countries.

US-Mexico border

Trump orders US National Guard to Mexico border

Us president signs a memo directing troops to the border after days of complaints about weak border policy.

Trump orders US National Guard to Mexico border

Latin America

Migrant caravan drops plan to travel to US-Mexico border

Behind the political drama surrounding the caravan of people from Central America, prompting President Trump to send reinforcements to the US border with Mexico, are stories of desperation.

US-Mexico border

Central Americans: 'Trump treats us like terrorists'

Mexico to issue one-year visas to most vulnerable, ask others on caravan that caught Trump's ire to leave in 20 days.

Central Americans vow to continue as Mexico disperses 'caravan'

US-Mexico border

Rights groups slam Trump's plan to militarise border

Groups say proposal to send military to US-Mexico border is an 'act of aggression' and will 'lead to tragedy'.

Rights groups decry Trump's plan to send military to guard border

Latin America

US-bound migrant caravan sparks Trump tweetstorm

Mexican government has stopped a caravan of Central American migrants trying to reach Mexico-US border as their presence in the country prompted a tirade of criticism from President Trump.


Mexico: Campaigning begins for presidential election

Presidential candidates begin official campaigning for what has been dubbed 'the biggest election in Mexican history'.