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'It's going to be OK one day': Syrian asylum seeker in KL airport

The Syrian asylum seeker, who's been stuck in Kuala Lumpur airport for more than a month, has received a swell of support from strangers on social media.

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Malaysia to hold general elections on May 9

Incumbent PM Najib Razak faces elections amid rising costs and a multi-billion dollar scandal at a state fund.

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Malaysia election: PM Razak to face voters' verdict on May 9

Embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak is under pressure to deliver a win for his ruling coalition, as he continues to be dogged by a financial scandal.

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Rohingya: Fleeing to Malaysia for safety

There are more than 62,000 Rohingya in Malaysia, escaping persecution at home in Myanmar, but are unable to settle down.

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Will Mahathir Mohamad make a return as Malaysia's PM aged 92?

There will be elections in Malaysia within two months, and Mahathir wants in.


Rohingya refugees seek shelter in Malaysia

Al Jazeera spoke to Rohingya refugees in Malaysia to find out about their hopes for a better life.


Malaysia dissolves parliament paving way for elections

Dissolution of parliament on Saturday open the way for the holding of a general election within the next 60 days.

Malaysia PM Najib to dissolve parliament paving way for elections


Malaysia dissolves Mahathir's opposition party

Decision by Registrar of Societies deals blow to veteran politician heading campaign to remove current prime minister.

Mahathir's party temporarily dissolved before polls


Boat carrying Rohingya refugees reaches Malaysia

After weeks at sea, a boat carrying nearly 60 refugees was intercepted by coastguards on Tuesday in waters off Langkawi island in northern Malaysia.

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Critics: Malaysia law against fake news 'aims to stifle dissent'

The law would come into effect just ahead of a national election, which could take place as early as next month. Press freedom advocates say they are concerned the law may be used to target voices of dissent.


Rohingya Football Club to give 'happy news'

The team was founded to give Rohingya international voice.

Rohingya Football Club to give 'happy news'


Protests after Malaysia lawmakers vote to redraw electoral map

Malaysian lawmakers vote overwhelmingly in favour of a bill to redraw constituency boundaries despite an outcry.

Protests after Malaysia lawmakers vote to redraw electoral map


Asia Pacific: Agriculture, population growth spike water needs

In 30 years or so, 3.4 billion people in the region are expected to be living in water-scarce areas – with climate change exacerbating the problem.

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The new TPP trade deal: Going ahead without Trump

Despite the US exit from the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, the 11 other signatories are moving on with a new deal.

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MH370: 'It's like it happened yesterday'

Malaysian Airlines plane crashed four years ago in the Indian Ocean. Relatives remember their loved ones as the search for wreckage continues.

Relatives of MH370 crash victims cling to hope