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The new TPP trade deal: Going ahead without Trump

Despite the US exit from the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, the 11 other signatories are moving on with a new deal.

Science & Technology

Top Japanese scientist remembered

Described as one of the greatest Japanese scientists, Katsuko Saruhashi would have been 98 years on Thursday.

Katsuko Saruhashi: Why Google honours her today


Japan marks seventh tsunami anniversary

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says government will continue rebuilding homes in regions still affected by 2011 disaster.

Japan tsunami anniversary: PM Shinzo Abe pledges to rebuild

Asia Pacific

Japan builds new tsunami walls

Huge concrete walls are being built along parts of Japan's coast to protect it from tsunamis.

United States

Trump's 25 percent duties plan draws angry reactions

Threat of steep tariffs on steel and aluminium imports prompts calls by trading partners to Trump to rethink his plan.


Kawasaki hate speech: The rise of Japan's far right

As North Korea's nuclear ambitions grow, Japan's far-right nationalist party points the finger at its Korean community.

South Korea

S Korea's Moon says Japan sex slave issue 'not settled'

President Moon slams Japan's insistence that issue of sexual slavery during World War II occupation has been settled.

Sex slave issue: South Korea's Moon criticises Japan

101 East

Japan: In the Missile's Shadow

101 East asks if North Korean missile attacks are stoking fear and hatred in Japan.


Okinawans: Ban US military from flying over schools

Recent 'mishaps' have amplified calls to ban military aircraft from flying over educational institutions.

Okinawans demand end to US military flights over schools

Science & Technology

Palmreaders: Would you receive emojis on your skin?

Palmreading could take on a whole new meaning with an ultra-thin display and monitor that can be stuck to the body.

Palmreaders: Would you receive emojis on your skin?


Olympics diplomacy cannot solve the Korea crisis

We should not mistake Olympic goodwill for geopolitical change on the Korean Peninsula.

J Berkshire Miller

by J Berkshire Miller

J Berkshire Miller

Asia Pacific

Anti-US base mayor leads before Okinawa election

Many Okinawa residents associate the US military presence with crime, pollution and accidents.

Anti-US base mayor leads before Okinawa election


Rare storm drops heaviest snow Tokyo has seen in years

Monday's rare snowstorm brought the highest accumulations the Japanese capital has seen since 2014.

Rare storm drops heaviest snow Tokyo has seen in years

Asia Pacific

Tokyo fish auction Bluefin tuna sold for $323,195

Sushi lovers, this story is for you.

North Korea

North and South Korea agree to open dialogue

Meeting, set for January 9 inside DMZ, to focus on North's participation in Winter Olympics next month in South Korea.

North and South Korea to hold high-level talks