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Irish border and Brexit: Communities fear of physical border

On Friday, the British government will try to resolve differences over Brexit, during talks that'll mainly focus on Irish border issues.


'Feels amazing': Joy as Irish overturn abortion ban

Nearly two-thirds of Irish vote to repeal the eighth constitutional amendment in a referendum.

Scenes of joy as Ireland votes to repeal abortion law


Ireland abortion referendum: 'Monumental day for women'

Anti-abortion campaign admits defeat as early results suggest 'resounding' victory for Yes campaign in landmark vote.

Ireland abortion referendum: 'Monumental day for women'


Irish voters 'back end to abortion ban': exit poll

Exit poll says Ireland votes overwhelmingly to liberalise some of Europe's strictest abortion laws.


Ireland's abortion referendum: It's time to say 'yes'

Ireland's current abortion law is a long-standing human rights violation, and it needs to be changed.

Ozlem Hangul

by Ozlem Hangul

Ozlem Hangul

Women's Rights

Ireland weighs repealing abortion ban

Voters to take part in a referendum later this month to decide whether or not to liberalise abortion laws.

Repeal the Eighth: Ireland to vote on abortion


Ireland cricket team to play first test match

Ireland has played cricket since the 18th century, but for the first time, they will field a team in a test match, considered the highest standard of the game.


Will Brexit destabilise peace agreement in Ireland?

A hard border resulting from Brexit would breach the Good Friday agreement.


EU's chief Brexit negotiator calls for agreement on Irish border

Barnier wants an agreement before the upcoming summit in June.

Reporter's Notebook

Where is Northern Ireland, 20 years later?

Peace dividend of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement is tangible, but entrenched divisions and uncertainty persist.

Where is Northern Ireland, 20 years later?


Ireland to vote on abortion in May

Abortion has long been a divisive issue in once stridently Catholic Ireland.

Ireland to vote on abortion in May

United Kingdom

'Never been in mosque': Homeless welcomed as snow falls

As snow continues to fall, mosques invite the homeless in for food and warm shelter.

UK mosques open doors to homeless as temperatures plunge

Counting the Cost

Ireland's economy in a post-Brexit world

Ciaran Cannon, the Irish minister of state at the Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade, discusses borders, peace and trade.


New era for Sinn Fein as Mary Lou McDonald takes over

The 48-year-old succeeds Gerry Adams, who led the Irish nationalist party for nearly 35 years.


Irish republican leader Gerry Adams retires

One of the most famous faces in Northern Ireland is retiring.