Soeharto: Father of Development or brutal leader?

The shadow of former leader General Muhammad Soeharto still looms over Indonesia, 20 years after he left office.

Indonesia: 20 years on from downfall of General Muhammad Soeharto

Asia Pacific

Soeharto family comeback to politics

A familiar name is attempting a political comeback in Indonesia.

In the Field

Tommy Soeharto: Indonesians 'long' for a return to Soeharto rule

The son of Indonesia's former strongman Muhammad Suharto discusses his father's legacy and his own political ambitions.

Reporter's Notebook

The invisible threat next door

Police suspect prison siege claimed by ISIL in Jakarta linked to recent bombings in Surabaya.


Sword-wielding men attack Indonesia police station

One officer killed, two wounded after group of men stage attack, claimed by ISIL, on police station in Sumatra island.

Indonesia: Sword-wielding men attack Sumatra police station


New Surabaya suicide attack 'also involved one family'

Family of five on motorcycles detonate bombs outside police station in Indonesian city, child survives, officials say.

Inside Story

Is ISIL expanding in Southeast Asia?

Three churches were the target of suicide bombers in Indonesia's second largest city.


Indonesia church attacks 'committed by same family'

At least 13 killed in bombings at three churches in Surabaya carried out by members of one family, police say.


Will fatwa by scholars force Taliban to join talks?

Islamic scholars from three Muslim countries set to meet in Indonesia in an effort to bring peace in Afghanistan.

Will Islamic scholars' fatwa force Afghan Taliban to join talks?


Police officers killed in Indonesia prison riot

Situation in jail holding ISIL suspects near Jakarta tense as police officers continue to be held hostage by inmates.

101 East

Indonesia's Most Polluted River

101 East investigates the human cost of one of the world's most polluted rivers, the Citarum in Indonesia.


Migrant Dreams: Canada's Broken Promise

What happens when Indonesian migrant workers trapped in debt-bondage in Canada decide to fight back?


Fire at unregulated oil well in Indonesia kills 15

The cause of the explosion is unknown, but local police say the area is known for illegal drilling.

Fire at oil well in Indonesia's Aceh kills at least 15


Senior Indonesian politician sentenced to 15 years

Ex-speaker of parliament Setya Novanto sentenced to 15 years for his role in stealing $170m from public funds.

Indonesia: Setya Novanto sentenced to 15 years for corruption

Asia Pacific

Race to save the rainforests in Asia-Pacific

Environmentalists and politicians are joining forces to try to save fragile rainforests in the Asia-Pacific region.