Humanitarian crises

Oxfam deputy resigns over aid mission sex scandals

UK charity's second-in-command steps down as handling of prostitute scandals threatens crucial government funding.

Oxfam's Penny Lawrence quits over charity's scandals


Haitian appeal: Help us get clean drinking water

Haitians now have to buy clean drinking water. Those that can't afford it are drinking contaminated water and risking serious diseases.

Donald Trump

Global fury over Trump's racist remark on Africa, Haiti

US president referred to El Salvador, Haiti and Africa as 'shithole countries' in conversation about immigration.


Haiti prisons: Overcrowding a major problem

Haiti has some of the most overcrowded prisons in the world. Human rights groups say around 11,000 inmates live in inhumane conditions. Their plight is just one of the many problems being addressed by the new UN mission to the country.


Haiti creativity: Turning garbage into political art

Artists in Haiti are turning garbage into politically-infused art that gives a voice to the poorest in society. A resistance movement that originated in the slums of the capital, Port-au-Prince, is adding a creative twist to everyday objects.

Maternal health

The midwives helping women on the US-Mexico border

In Tijuana, two women who call themselves 'frontier midwives' are supporting women neglected by the healthcare system.

The midwives helping women on the US-Mexico border


Millions at risk of famine in post-hurricane Haiti

Jovenel Moise, Haiti's new president, is pleading for international assistance as millions face the risk of famine in the south of the country.


'Shocked': US ends protected status for 55,000 Haitians

US gives Haitians with TPS 18 months to leave the country or find a way to legalise their status.

US ends Temporary Protected Status for 55,000 Haitians

Latin America

Haiti: Massive rallies call for Jovenel Moise to step down

Demonstrations against government corruption have erupted in Port-au-Prince the day that the Haitian president reinstated the national army.

Latin America

Haiti police accused of executing civilians

The deaths of multiple civilians in a police operation Port-au-Prince has shocked local residents as the government battles gangs in the wake of UN peacekeeper departure one month ago.

Latin America

Concerns over Haiti push to reinstate army disbanded after coup

The controversial plan is popular with some, but critics say it could see a return of human rights violations.

United Nations

Peacekeepers leave Haiti: What is their legacy?

As the controversial 13 year peacekeeping mission in Haiti wraps up, Al Jazeera examines what the mission leaves behind.

UN peacekeepers leave Haiti: What is their legacy?


UN Peacekeepers to leave Haiti after 13 years

UN Peacekeepers have lowered their flag in Haiti 13 years after entering the country.

Latin America

UN peacekeepers pulling out of Haiti with controversial legacy

After 13 years, the UN Mission is pulling out of Haiti. It says its work is nearly done - after helping put the country back on the road to recovery.


Hurricanes: Act now, save later

Every dollar invested in disaster preparedness saves seven dollars in recovery.

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