Africa's 'lion economies' growth exceeds forecasts

The nations of West Africa, including Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Ghana have recently seen a significant increase in growth.

Risking it all

Risking death to save lives in Guinea

In a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure, saving lives is a dangerous job.


Did Ebola ever really go away?

Though the cameras of the international media departed, the story continues for Sierra Leona, Liberia and Guinea.

Did Ebola ever really go away?


Mudslide at Guinea rubbish dump kills several

Rescue team search for survivors after landslide on a rubbish landfill on the outskirts of Conakry kills at least eight.

Guinea: Several buried alive in rubbish dump collapse


Guinea's opposition plans August rally

Guinea's main opposition party is planning a nationwide rally to call for local council elections, which haven't been held since President Alpha Conde took office in 2010.


Protesters call for political change in Guinea-Bissau

Tension is mounting in Guinea Bissau between President Jose Mario Vaz and parliament which has not been able to pass a single law in the last two years. The unrest has spilled onto the streets as protesters call for political change and stability.


UNESCO World Heritage site 'used for drug trade'

The US says the West African Bijagos Islands are a hub for Latin American drug traffickers who use them as a transit point to Europe. The islands are a UNESCO World Heritage site known for their unique ecosystem.


Protests over teachers' strike turn deadly in Guinea

At least five people killed and 30 wounded in Conakry demonstrations sparked by a teachers' strike, the government says.


Ebola epidemic fuelled by 'super-spreaders'

Scientists say small percentage of people were the cause of most cases of Ebola virus that ravaged West Africa in 2014.

Ebola epidemic fuelled by 'super-spreaders': study

The Gambia

New Gambia leader promises truth commission

Adama Barrow says he wants to 'get the facts together' regarding possible crimes of outgoing president Yahya Jammeh.

Adama Barrow pledges truth commission over Yahya Jammeh


Guineans remember rape and murder at stadium massacre

Seven years ago, 156 people were killed at an anti-government rally. Now Guineans want justice and reconciliation.

Guineans remember rape and murder at stadium massacre


Man killed as 500,000 join Guinea anti-government rally

One man shot dead and 12 wounded as at least half a million protest against alleged government corruption.

Man killed as 500,000 join Guinea opposition rally


Guinea to vaccinate contacts of Ebola survivors

WHO says that while Ebola is no longer an international health emergency, flare-ups are still to be expected.

Guinea to vaccinate contacts of Ebola survivors


The plunder of West Africa Ebola funds

The much-vaunted rebuilding of livelihoods ruined by Ebola is far from happening.

Fisayo Soyombo

by Fisayo Soyombo

Fisayo Soyombo

Humanitarian crises

Guinea declared free from Ebola after 2,500 deaths

Liberia remains the only country still battling the disease after Sierre Leone was declared free of virus in November.