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Julian Assange

Ecuador cuts off Assange's internet access

Founder of whistle-blower website holed up at Ecuador's embassy in London for nearly six years now, faces fresh curbs.

Ecuador cuts Julian Assange's internet access at London embassy

Latin America

Ecuador leader calls Julian Assange a 'problem'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has strained the patience of his hosts since taking up the offer of asylum in 2012.

Ecuador leader calls Julian Assange a 'problem'


Ecuador grants Julian Assange citizenship

Ecuador gives Wikileaks founder citizenship in a bid to usher him out of its London embassy without risking arrest.

Julian Assange granted citizenship by Ecuador


Chile heads to presidential vote run-off in December

Conservative Sebastian Pinera will face socialist Alejandro Guiller after neither candidate wins 50 percent of the vote.

Sebastian Pinera to face Alejandro Guillier in run-off


Saving Ecuador's Cerro Blanco

A look at how recycled technology is helping to protect one of Ecuador's last surviving dry forests.


Land: Gaining Ground

earthrise looks at methods of land restoration and conservation as human causes and climate change wreak havoc.

United Kingdom

New Ecuador leader says Assange can stay at embassy

Moreno criticises Assange as a 'hacker' but says the WikiLeaks founder can remain at Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Moreno says Julian Assange can stay on in embassy

Latin America

Ecuador’s cocoa farmers making fair trade chocolate

The indigenous people of the western Amazon have been harvesting jungle crops since before the first Europeans arrived, long before Ecuador became a country. They know their crops but have rarely received a fair price for them.

Latin America

Ecuador: Opposition candidate Lasso disputes election results

Ecuador's opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso rejected the results of Sunday's presidential vote which saw him lose to leftist candidate Lenin Moreno. Lasso says the vote was fraudulent and that he will fight to have it overturned.

Latin America

Lasso refuses to concede defeat in Ecuador election

Conservative presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso calls on supporters to take to the streets to guard against fraud.

Guillermo Lasso refuses to concede in Ecuador election

Latin America

Fraud row erupts in Ecuador presidential election

Right-wing Lasso says he would contest the results after partial counting showed him trailing rival Moreno.

Latin America

Ecuador votes in presidential runoff

Leftist former vice president Lenin Moreno faces conservative former banker Guillermo Lasso in the second-round runoff.

Latin America

Ecuadorian voters seek economic change under new president

People in Ecuador are voting in the second and final round of elections for a new president to replace incumbent Rafael Correa, who has been in power for 10 years.

Latin America

Ecuador’s indigenous hope for a better president

When President Rafael Correa came to power in Ecuador, he promised to address the concerns of the country's large and diverse indigenous community. But there are claims he has failed to deliver on his promises.


Ecuador presidential vote goes to April runoff

Ecuador's electoral council says presidential election will go to an April runoff after a nail-biter first round.

Lenin Moreno, Guillermo Lasso to contest April runoff