Latin America

Chile imposes tough new immigration measures

Chile imposes tougher immigration measures to cope with the influx of migrants from neighbouring countries.

World Cup 2018

When the arena of play blurs with the arena of politics

A team's adventure at the World Cup can reflect and even transform politics at home.

When the arena of play blurs with the arena of politics

Latin America

Rescued Chilean miners send support to trapped Thai team

The lessons learned from the dazzling 2010 rescue of 33 trapped miners in Chile can offer some valuable lessons to the Thai rescue effort.

Latin America

Ex-soldiers jailed for murder of Chile's folk singer in the 1970s

Victor Jara was murdered at the start of Chile's military rule 45 years ago and now, eight former troops have been sentenced to 15 years and one to five years, for his kidnapping, torture, and shooting.


Snow falls in Santiago

A rare coating of wintry weather delights Chileans.

Snow falls in Santiago

Human Rights

Pope Francis accepts resignation of three Chilean bishops

Vatican official calls move first step towards re-ordering battered Roman Catholic Church after sex abuse scandals.

Latin America

Chile's bishops offer to resign en masse over sex abuse cover-up

In a leaked document, the pope blamed the Chilean church hierarchy for 'grave defects' in handling sex abuse cases.

Latin America

Chile sex abuse scandal: Catholics attempt to rebuild faith

The Catholic Church is still an intrinsic part of Chilean society, and believers keep coming to church, but now they’re demanding change right from the top.

Latin America

Why Chile is giving citizenship to Palestinian refugees

Palestinians living in Chile have grown to become not only the largest Palestinian community outside of the Middle East, but also extremely prosperous and influential both in industry and politics.

Latin America

How light pollution undermines search for other planets

We know all about the pollution of our water, air, and soil, but how much have you thought about light pollution?


ICC holds final hearing over Chile-Bolivia land disputes

A centuries-old dispute between Chile and Bolivia has come to a head at the International Court in the Hague. Landlocked Bolivia is demanding that Chile give it access to the coast.

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The new TPP trade deal: Going ahead without Trump

Despite the US exit from the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, the 11 other signatories are moving on with a new deal.


Chile droughts: Private water system under pressure

Water is becoming increasingly scarce in Chile due to drought, the overuse of aquifers and a dysfunctional system of private water ownership.

Latin America

Chile: Conservative Pinera sworn in for second term as president

The billionaire has vowed to revive an economy that has slumped under outgoing center-left leader Michelle Bachelet.

Reporter's Notebook

A frigid journey into Antarctica

The Weddell Sea in Antarctica is the coldest sea on the planet yet is home to an extraordinary ecosystem.