What's the fuss about Erdogan's Sarajevo visit?

President turns to Bosnia to rally expatriates after several EU countries ban Turkish campaigning on their soil.

Turkish elections: Erdogan holds rally in Bosnia's Sarajevo


From child of Bosnian war to jiu-jitsu world champion

Almir Kapic has become a national example in Bosnia of what an underdog can achieve with hard work despite the odds.

From child of Bosnian war to jiu-jitsu world champion


Suspect in Hamas engineer assassination arrested in Croatia

Tunisia says Bosnia refused to allow Croatia to hand over suspect accused of killing Hamas member Mohammed al-Zawari.

Suspect in Hamas engineer assassination arrested in Croatia


Pay to get shelled at night: Sarajevo's War Hostel

Dark tourism, which involves travelling to places associated with death and tragedy, has found fertile ground in Bosnia.

Recreating death for a living: Inside Bosnia's War Hostel


Serbian 'radical' Vojislav Seselj convicted of war crimes

UN court sentences Serbian Vojislav Seselj to 10 years in prison for persecution of Croatians during Balkans war.

Serbian 'radical' Vojislav Seselj convicted of war crimes


Genocide denial prevails in dream for 'Greater Serbia'

International Criminal Court to decide on the appeal to overturn the 2016 acquittal of Serbian leader Vojislav Seselj.

Denial of genocide prevails in dream for 'Greater Serbia'


'Symbol of Sarajevo': Cable car reopens after 26 years

Twenty-six years after it was destroyed in the Bosnian War, Sarajevo's landmark cable car has resumed service.


The Unforgiven: A War Criminal's Remorse

A notorious war criminal searches for the prisoners he tortured during the Bosnian War to seek their forgiveness.


'Putin's Angels' motorbike club sparks fears in Bosnia

Authorities are worried the Night Wolves are pushing for a separatist movement among Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Is Bosnia the next Ukraine?

Syria's War

Srebrenica mothers protest at Turkey-Syria border

Conscience Convoy wants to raise awareness of the crimes committed against women in Syria's prisons.


Bosnian PM: Future lies with Europe, NATO

EU membership will help resolve Bosnia's border issues and bring economic prosperity, says Denis Zvizdic.

Denis Zvizdic: Bosnia's future lies with Europe, NATO

Reporter's Notebook

A Russia-trained paramilitary force in Bosnia?

Reported paramilitary force was put together by the president of Republika Srpska, and could be another example of Moscow's meddling in the Balkans.

Does the 'Serbian Honour' force have a Russian link?


No peace for rape victims decades after Bosnia war

Chased for exorbitant court fees with little chance of justice, victims of rape and torture struggle to survive.

Court fees and fear: Bosnia war rape victims struggle


'Justice eludes victims' as Yugoslavia tribunal ends

While many war criminals were brought to justice by for their role in the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, many victims are still living with the horrors of that time. For those, justice was not served, and their attackers still walk free.

Human Rights

Bosnian Muslims: 'How did we deserve this?'

Concentration camp survivor Eldin Elezovic recounts his traumatic ordeal at the hands of Croat forces in 1993.

Bosnian Muslims: 'How did we deserve this?'