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What does FBI deputy director's firing mean for Russia probe?

There are fears President Donald Trump might try and sack the Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Russia demands proof as poisoning row worsens

Rhetoric follows pressure on Moscow to reveal details of supply of Novichok, used in 'attempted murder' of double agent.

Sergei Skripal poisoning: Russia demands proof or apology


What is next for Russia after Putin's victory?

It was always expected to be a Vladimir Putin victory, but the question was how many voters would turn up for Russia's presidential election.

Vladimir Putin

Russia: President Putin easily wins new six-year term

Putin wins his fourth term, but many eyes are on voter turnout in the face of an opposition boycott.


Crimea votes in Russian election for first time

Presidential election took place on the fourth anniversary of the 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

The Listening Post

Russia's spy mystery: Sergei Skripal and the media

British and Russian media compete to tell the Skripal story, but they're low on facts, high on conjecture.

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What do Russian voters expect from their leader?

High turnout will boost the legitimacy of Russian President Vladimir Putin's election victory.


Russia votes in presidential elections

Putin is expected to win his fourth term, but many eyes are on voter turnout in the face of an opposition boycott.

Russia elections: Vote expected to usher in Putin's fourth term

Syria's Civil War

Lavrov: Syria's partition must stop

Foreign ministers' meeting in Astana stressed Syria's territorial integrity.

Lavrov: Syria's partition must stop


Russian elections: Putin expected to win fourth term as president

The Russian president could hold office until 2024, by which time he will be 71.


Fired FBI deputy chief kept detailed notes on Trump

Andrew McCabe kept personal notes detailing interactions with Trump that have been provided to special counsel.

Fired FBI deputy chief Andrew McCabe kept memos on Trump dealings

Skripal poisoning

Russia expels 23 UK diplomats over spy poisoning row

Russia hits back with tit-for-tat expulsion after UK dismisses Russian diplomats over poisoning of Russian former spy.

Counting the Cost

'Putinomics' and the Russian elections

What is the state of Russia's economy and how will ordinary Russians fare if Putin stays in power?


Crimea votes for first time in Russian elections

The annexation of Crimea is an important feather in Russian President Vladimir Putin's cap and Crimean Tartars say they are being pressured to not boycott the election.


These Russian elections follow an old Soviet tradition

It is almost a one-man election and the turnout is important.

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