Italy's election should be a wake up call for the EU

The EU can turn the victory of the populist Five Star Movement into an opportunity for dialogue and transformation.

Silvia Mazzini

by Silvia Mazzini

Silvia Mazzini


Was a Senegalese migrant killed because he was black?

In a tragic turn, victim was murdered just over five years after his cousin was shot dead by a far-right gunman.

Protests and questions over killing of Senegal migrant Idy Diene


Italy: Growing fears of anti-immigrant attacks after election

Anti-immigrant and far-right forces have seen political gains in Italy and xenophobic violence has been making life dangerous for Italy's minorities.

Italy Elections 2018

Italy edges towards hung parliament

Anti-establishment party projected to win most votes, but no one expected to win enough seats to form government.

Italy Elections 2018

Italy votes in uncertain general election

Polling stations close as rival parties compete over control of new government amid concerns over economy, migration.


Davide Astori found dead, Fiorentina 'shocked'

Italy international footballer Davide Astori has died after suffering a sudden 'cardiac circulatory collapse'.

Davide Astori found dead, Fiorentina 'shocked'

Italy Elections 2018

Italy election: Five Star Movement vows to not form coalition

Italians are voting after a divisive campaign dominated by concerns over immigration and the economy led to an unpredictable contest.

Italy Elections 2018

Italy's general election: What's expected to happen?

Voting under way in election that's being billed as a test for right-wing populism and increasing anxiety over migration

Six things you need to know about Italy's election

Counting the Cost

Italy's election challenges: Immigration and the economy

Before Italy's election we ask if the country's fragile economic recovery could be at risk of melting away.

Italy Elections 2018

Italy: Will Five Star Movement make a difference?

The M5S has led in recent opinion polls and, although having shifted policies from those of its founder Beppe Grillo, the party rejects deals and coalitions with mainstream parties.


Italy election: No party expected to gain majority

Many analysts predict that former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's party is likely to be part of any potential coalition.


Italy election: Parties use refugee crisis for gains

The failure to distribute migrants and refugees across the EU has led to their consolidation in one of the poorest parts of Italy and right-wing parties are attempting to benefit from the economic and social strain.

Italy Elections 2018

Can a new leftist party shake up Italy's elections?

Led by young people eager to help migrants, new Italian movement aims to fill gap in leftist politics as fascism rises.

Power to the People: Left-wing party challenges 'racist logic'


Are Eritrea spies posing as interpreters for refugees?

Asylum seekers and activists tell Al Jazeera how government-linked translators have infiltrated the immigration system.

Are Eritrea government spies posing as refugee interpreters?


Italy elections: Berlusconi seeks political comeback

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, 81, is attempting a political comeback despite being banned from public office.