Asia Pacific

Marawi: Philippine city still left in ruins a year after siege

Civic leaders and residents demand transparency from President Duterte over the rehabilitation of southern city.

Inside Story

What if Iran does not comply with US demands?

The US makes 12 sweeping demands of Iran and warns against 'the strongest sanctions in history'.


Heavy casualties as blast rocks Afghan city of Kandahar

Afghan forces accidentally detonate explosives in southern city of Kandahar, killing 16 and wounding 38 others.

Heavy casualties as blast rocks Afghan city of Kandahar

US & Canada

Anti-ISIL carrier in Mediterranean attracts unwanted attention

The USS Harry S Truman vessel in the Mediterranean has become the launching pad for operations in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.


Taliban launches attacks in Ghazni, 14 policemen killed

Taliban fighters storm checkpoints in Dih Yak and Jaghatu districts setting off deadly battles with security forces.

Afghanistan: Policemen killed in deadly Taliban attacks in Ghazni

Middle East

Libyans call on UN 'to stop war on Derna, lift devastating siege'

'The United Nations Support Mission In Libya has let us down,' says member of Libya’s High State Council.

The Listening Post

Pro-war pundits on US airwaves

What's behind the constant presence of former military and intelligence figures in the US news media?

Middle East

Activists: ISIL fighters withdraw from Syria's Yarmouk

Videos online purport to show buses entering the last rebel enclave after midnight on Sunday to evacuate ISIL fighters from the area.

The Listening Post

How the media covered death in Gaza and the Jerusalem ceremony

The Palestine-Israel conflict is a media story that serves as a prism reflecting regional interests and ideologies.


DR Congo activist: Anti-Kabila protester shot dead

Rossy Mukendi was killed when police fired tear gas and live bullets at protesters in February.

Humanitarian crises

Week in pictures: From Iraq elections to Ramadan 2018

A photo roundup of some of last week's events, including a plane crash in Cuba and protests in Gaza.

Week in pictures: From Iraq elections to Ramadan 2018

Middle East

Gaza violence: Iranian scholars demand justice

This Friday, Iranians dedicated their protests and their prayers to the people of Palestine.

Middle East

OIC Palestine pledge calls for international protection

The pledge was issued during the extraordinary summit called in Istanbul on Friday.


Taliban vows to spare those who leave 'enemy ranks'

Armed group says US, foreign allies remain targets and will stop attacking Afghan forces who will leave their ranks.

Taliban pledge not to target army, police who leave 'enemy ranks'

The Listening Post

Israel-Palestine: Split screens and dissonant narratives

A ceremony in Jerusalem, a massacre in Gaza and how the media covered both. Plus, spies on air in the US.