World War I centenary: Lessons from the Battle of Verdun

After 300 days, 300,000 soldiers - both French and German - had sacrificed their lives in the trenches around Verdun.


At least 16 killed in Taliban attack on army base in Baghlan

At least 12 soldiers and four tribal elders killed in an attack claimed by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan's north.

At least 16 killed in Taliban attack on army base in Baghlan

Middle East

Battle for Hodeidah: Fighting intensifies for key port city

Fighting escalates further in Yemen as the Saudi-Emirati coalition tries to recapture Hodeidah from Houthi rebels.


Mosul residents left to rebuild destroyed homes

A year after the fall of ISIL, civilians rue lack of support after their homes were heavily damaged or destroyed.

Mosul residents left to rebuild destroyed homes

Middle East

The Battle for Hodeidah: Yemeni forces announce new push

Pro-government forces backed by Saudi Arabia say a major offensive is now under way to try to take Hodeidah back from rebel Houthi fighters.


Somalia: At least 20 killed in Mogadishu explosions, gunfire

Powerful blasts followed by heavy gunfire send plumes of smoke billowing into the air in Somali capital.

Middle East

As Yemen famine looms, UN peace talks delayed

Despite a renewed push from the United States, the UN-sponsored peace talks to end the Yemen war are being pushed back until the end of the year, while fighting intensifies around Hodeidah.

War & Conflict

US 'war on terror' killed over 500,000 people: study

Between 480,000-507,000 people were killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq in the wake of 9/11 attacks, study says.

US 'war on terror' has killed over half a million people: study


In change of tack, India joins Taliban for peace talks

India, among other regional nations, is part of the Russia-hosted peace talks in Moscow to end the war in Afghanistan.

Afghan peace conference: India shares table with Taliban


Afghanistan peace conference kicks off in Moscow

The conference marks Russia's attempt to get the Afghan authorities and the Taliban together at negotiating table.

Afghanistan peace conference kicks off in Moscow

Middle East

Iraqi military boosts defences against ISIL at border with Syria

Some 2,500 ISIL fighters are estimated to remain close to the Iraq-Syria border.


Central African Republic: Humanitarian crisis continues

Thousands of people forced from their homes find they are trapped by the sectarian violence in the Central African Republic.


No let-up in violence as Taliban kills 14 Afghan forces

At least 14 soldiers killed in the latest Taliban group attack as the Afghan forces reel from renewed violence.

Afghan forces killed as Taliban continues deadly attacks


Dozens killed during Afghan elections: UN

Several voter registration centres were attacked by the Taliban in a bid to disrupt the October elections.

More than 50 people killed during Afghanistan elections: UN

Middle East

More than 200 mass graves found in Iraq: UN report

Report says sites in Mosul could contain critical forensic material to assist in the identification of ISIL victims.

More than 200 mass graves discovered in Iraq: UN report