Why are Ugandans taxed for using Facebook and WhatsApp?

Government says measure will bring in much-needed revenue but activists describe it as an attempt to 'gag' free speech.

Uganda introduces social media tax despite criticism


Alfred's Free Press: Liberia's Blackboard Reporter

One innovative journalist has found a way to get daily news and information to Liberians - with a big blackboard.


Cambodian PM's son gets military roles

Move seen by rights groups as a bid to undermine democracy and to entrench the PM's power before this month's polls.

Cambodian PM's son gets military roles amid human rights concerns

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Turkey's elections: One nation, one media, one voice?

President Erdogan wins Turkey's vote with the media singing from the same hymn sheet. Plus, polarised media in DR Congo.


'Yes, we're putting out a damn paper'

Maryland newspaper publishes Friday edition just hours after four of its journalists and one staffer were shot dead.

Capital Gazette: Victims remembered in first edition after attack

Latin America

Mexico's election marred by deadly violence

May was the deadliest month recorded in Mexico, since the government began releasing homicide data.

Mexico's election marred by deadly violence

South Africa

David Goldblatt's iconic images capturing life under apartheid

Over the course of his career, Goldblatt's photographs were exhibited widely in newspapers and museums around the world.

David Goldblatt's iconic images capturing life under apartheid

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What US and UK media won't tell you about the war in Yemen

A look at how western media outlets cover the war in Yemen and the powers behind it.

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Syria's chemical attacks: Smoke and mirrors, truth and lies

Insight into the seemingly impossible task of understanding the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian war.

Journalism under fire

Pleas to release Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Hussein at IPI congress

The International Press Institute celebrates the hard work and resilience of journalists while condemning state and non-state actors targeting members of the media, including Egypt's imprisonment of Mahmoud Hussein.

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An unworthy war? US/UK reporting on Yemen

As the assault on Hudaida makes news, we examine flaws in coverage of the war in Yemen. Plus, chemical attacks in Syria.

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Trump, North Korea and the G7: Dissecting political theatrics

A look into how symbolism and imagery dictate views of political events and what obstacles this causes for journalists.

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Fixers: The unsung heroes of journalism

Fixers are a correspondent's eyes, ears and warning system on the ground, but do they get the recognition they deserve?

World Cup 2018

FIFA mulls legal action against BeoutQ pirate and its enablers

BeoutQ has pirated World Cup streams belonging to beIN Sports, which owns broadcast rights in the MENA region.

FIFA mulls legal action against BeoutQ pirate and its enablers

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Spectacle over substance: Trump, G7 and the Singapore summit

Trump's theatrics at the G7 summit and his meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-un. Plus, the fixers' role in journalism.