US journalism students should undergo anti-overdose training

By learning how to respond to an overdose, we can better understand the crisis we will be covering - and save lives.

Samantha Maldonado

by Samantha Maldonado
- Graison Dangor

Samantha Maldonado


India's Bangalore running dry amid water crisis

The hi-tech hub of Bangalore has joined growing list of cities running out of water.

Reporter's Notebook

Measuring human impact in the Antarctic

Scientists exploring one of the last remaining pristine areas of Antarctica to bolster case for creating sanctuary area.

Middle East

South Sudan amputees: Lack of healthcare spurs infections

Lack of healthcare in a country devastated by civil war has left many with untreated injuries, leading some to develop serious infections that require amputations.

Syria's Civil War

Syria's civil war: Voices from Al-Amal hospital

At Al-Amal hospital in Turkey, volunteer doctors and surgeons treat victims of Syria's civil war.


50 Feet from Syria: Inside Al-Amal Hospital

A Syrian-American doctor travels to a hospital on the Turkey-Syria border determined to help victims of the ongoing war.

Asia Pacific

Thai scientists test bats and pigs for viruses passed to humans

In Thailand, scientists are testing fruit bats and pigs to find out how viruses are passed on to people. The hope is that this will help them contain and beat pandemics.


Azerbaijan rehab centre fire kills 24

At least 31 out of 55 people were rescued from the burning one-storey building in Baku, official statement said.

Azerbaijan: Baku rehab centre hit by deadly fire


Gaza girl awaiting surgery reunited with her mother in West Bank

After getting an Israeli-issued medical permit, Inam al-Attar traveled without her parents from Gaza Strip to West Bank.

Gaza girl awaiting surgery reunited with her mother in West Bank


How Yemen's war is affecting cancer patients

Widespread devastation means facilities to treat cancer patients are shrinking fast.


Yemen's cholera epidemic likely to intensify: WHO

World Health Organization says that rain season could lead to an upsurge in cholera cases in the war-torn country.

Yemen's cholera epidemic likely to intensify: WHO

Latin America

How NAFTA helped stir Mexico health crisis

While economists have praised economic growth brought about by the trade deal between the United States, Canada and Mexico, healthcare workers in Mexico say the pact has had disastrous consequences.

Women's Rights

Unwanted babies and backstreet abortions in Morocco

Doctors and activists demand action with over 25,000 unwanted babies born a year and as dangerous abortions continue.

Does Morocco's strict abortion law need reform?


'If you have HIV, you deserve it. That's the mentality'

Shunned by relatives, doctors and the community, Ukrainian women struggle to survive and protect their children.

Women with HIV abused by partners, rejected by society


What is the "reality" for people with dementia?

We look at the impact of the disease, the efforts to tackle it, and the pioneering ways to ease the burden on those affected.

What is the "reality" for people with dementia?